An illustration with people standing on the bridge at Clifton, Arizona to demonstrate growth and interest in developing local tourism

Call for Articles + New Tourism Council members = an Opportunity to Grow the Tourism Council with some new faces and new helpers! 

We have had some recent success in adding new members, but there is still a lot of work to be accomplished. Even more exciting is to watch new ideas flow in. What is your wish for a Frisco River Revitalization? Some want kayaking, others want bike paths and more walking trails       

Please consider if you are ready to spearhead a new event or new activity? Share this message with your  family and friends who have told you about their dream for a coffee house, or bait shop.  Have you taken the survey?

And finally please visit our amazing website: you will be pleasantly surprised to see how content rich our website is right now.  Interested in knowing more? Pleas reply to this email or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you,  Ákos Kovach, Vice Chair, Greenlee Tourism council.