Hannagan Meadow

At the north end of Greenlee County, about 70 miles along US 191 from the Clifton-Morenci area, lies Hannagan Meadow. It is a large open meadow at 9,071 feet surrounded by alpine forest. It was likely named after a Nevada rancher and miner named Robert Hannagan who was riding in the area in the 1890s with a Luna, NM rancher named Toles Cosper. The two men flipped a coin to determine who they would name the meadow after. Obviously, Hannagan won the toss. Curiously, in 1926 after construction of the Coronado Trail was underway and travel through the area became easier, Cosper’s son, DeWitt Cosper, built the Hannagan Meadow Lodge there.  The Hannagan Meadow area has long been a favorite retreat for the residents of the southern half of Greenlee County. Be sure to stop here.  Breathe the clear mountain air and revel in the wonderful conifer forest, grassy meadow, and serene environment. This is a place to renew yourself!

This area offers camping, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and UTV tours in summer, and cross country skiing, snowmobile tours, and snow tubing in winter.  The Lodge has rooms, cabins, and a restaurant.

To learn more about the Hannagan Meadow Lodge and the year-round activities check out https://www.hannaganmeadow.com/