The Famous Artists of Greenlee County

Hart Haller “Hal” Empie grew-up in the Arizona Territory. He began his livelihood as a pharmacist, purchasing the Duncan Drug Store in 1937. He eventually renamed the store Art Gallery Drug. It remained in operation until 1986. Empie Kartoon-Kards are one of the first copyrights for western cartoon postcards. He originated these designs during the early 1930’s in Duncan, Arizona. You’ll recognize drawings by Hal Empie appearing as early as 1938 in such publications as Arizona Highways. Before he elected to devote his love of art full time to oil painting, his famous Kartoon-Kards had become an Arizona legend.

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Empie Mural

Hal Empie’s “Greenlee” Mural.

With a deep sense of community and cultural pride he produced the world-renowned “Greenlee” Mural, a 6’ tall by 30’ long piece proudly displayed in the Duncan High School cafeteria. This impressive display of his artistic ability is one of the best reflections into our history, heritage and culture here in Greenlee County.

Tours to view the magnificent “Greenlee” Mural are available by calling (928) 215-9912, or stop by Rock-A-Buy Rocks & Gifts.

Tim Cox graduated from Duncan High School and became one of the great western artists of our time. During some of his cowboy activities near Eagle Creek, he found inspiration for many of his paintings which are done with such great detail they are often nearly impossible to distinguish from a photo. Cox won numerous awards, one of which, “Along Eagle Creek” was selected as the 2004 winner of the Express Ranches Great American Cowboy Award.

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Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia was born in the Morenci mining camp of Arizona Territory in 1909 and graduated from Morenci High School. His early childhood experience in the ethnically diverse community evolved into a life-long appreciation of native cultures residing in the Sonoran Desert and a passion to create art depicting their lives and lore. Especially after his oil painting “Los Ninos” was chosen for the official UNICEF Christmas card in 1960, many described him as “The world’s most reproduced artist”. For more information visit