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5 days ago

The first issue of "the clarion" is coming soon, and yes- Tourism is Returning!!!

1 week ago
Shop - Greenlee County, Arizona

Happy day everyone ~ ready for some online shopping?

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1 week ago
Greenlee County Tourism's cover photo

Greetings! We have a few more steps to complete - but soon we will have full 0nline ordering capability. Until then, we wanted you to see what we will be able to offer. We will be taking orders ... See more

2 weeks ago

Placing orders shortly, black as seen here or white t-shirts!


Greenlee County, Arizona … a land of contrasts, of variety, and of unexpected delights! Two primary thoroughfares, US 191 (The Coronado Trail) and US 70 (The Old West Highway) showcase this spectrum of scenic, biological, geological, and cultural wonders.  Along these routes one finds opportunities for hiking, biking, rockhounding, birding, fishing, hunting, camping, exploring historic places, observing mining operations, craft shopping, or just finding a peaceful getaway.

Retrace the steps of Old West pioneers, Apache Indians, lawmen, outlaws, cowboys, rustlers, gamblers, and Mormon settlers as you traverse the county east to west on the Old West Highway. Experience railroad and farm town Americana in Duncan, Arizona and the surrounding Gila River Valley where farmers grow cotton (and other crops) and ranchers raise cattle (two of Arizona’s famous 5 Cs — cotton, cattle, copper, climate, and citrus).  This charm is especially on display during the annual County Fair.

On the north-south route, The Coronado Trail (US 191, once designated US 666 “The Devil’s Highway”) climbs from about 3,000 feet to over 9,000 ft in elevation in less than 70 miles! Along the way, it passes from river valleys through high desert to scrub oak and pinyon forests to alpine forests. And with only a few hundred turns and swichbacks to negotiate! This is a biker’s dream! (40 foot RV’ers — not so much.)

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