Town of Duncan: Centennial Park is a mecca of recreational fun centrally located along side Old West Highway US 70 on the East side of Country Chic. Take a break from your travels and enjoy this wonderful roadside park that hosts amenities such as covered picnic tables, plenty of roomContinue Reading


The legendary Coronado Trail Scenic Highway (US 191), aka “The Devil’s Highway” (Old Route 666) leads travelers from high desert landscapes to alpine forests (or vice versa) via more than 200 switchbacks and many hairpin turns so the views are ever-changing and as beautiful as they are varied. The BlackContinue Reading

rockhounding in greenlee

Search for fire agate and geodes in first class rockhounding areas! Ash Peak is adjacent US 70, “The Old West Highway”, as you enter Greenlee County on the west side.  Explore the valley below the peak with a visit to the Ash Peak Mining District. Visit the old mines andContinue Reading

Celebrating the San Francisco River and its valley

Recently, the Tourism Council receive a grant to develop a plan to revitalize the river and its valley. An event St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2023 will mark the Kick-off of the plan with a community celebration. All are invited to join the fun at the Clifton Soccer Field nextContinue Reading

By Steve Ahmann It is just another organization designed to frustrate you because: Besides, Greenlee County already has everything I want.  Great scenery; wide open spaces; healthy climate, air, and water; great elected officials that work hard for me; excellent schools; low taxes; wide, safe, clean streets and roads; sidewalksContinue Reading

by Akos Kovach | GTC Vice Chair Once upon a time in a land close and dear ran a river from the mountains filled with wolves, cattle and deer. It took me just a little while to embrace this huge big place, so much to see and so much toContinue Reading

I WILL NEVER AGAIN BE AS YOUNG AS I AM TODAY. By Will Collins Clichés true enough, however these two statements are facts of which I remind myself daily. This mantra starts my day with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE  (I love  clichés). A more positive way to look at the opportunitiesContinue Reading

By Akos Kovach As we begin the year 2023, we are reminded of the history that has been seared into the stone and granite of this slice of earth known as Greenlee County. How many millennia have passed since this place began to take shape? We will leave that complexContinue Reading