Two sisters and their cousin, with the maiden name of Stonebridge, came in to the visitors center with a scrapbook of memories of their fathers when they were born and lived in Clifton in the 1920s. There were twin brothers and another brother. The two sisters’ father was Donald one of the twins, the cousin’s father was Harold, who has written a book about their experiences while living here.  CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF A FABULOUS MINING CAMP.  

The scrapbook had report cards from elementary school in Clifton, pictures of a play that they had a part in, plus a bunch more special memories. One picture was of their family home, which is on Coronado Blvd and belongs to Lt. Shari Aguilar.  When they went to see the house, Shari showed them around and they were able to see where their fathers had lived.

I thought I was the only one that got excited when the trains go by, nope we all went out on the sidewalk and watched as both of the trains did their hooking up and changing tracks, they even recorded the sound of the horn when it blew. I was able to give them quite a bit of information on the area and their next stop was the museum, with Espie Castenada as their guide. 

Claire and Nancy were Donald’s daughters, and Beth was Harold’s daughter. It was very interesting for me as well. They had tidbits of information from the book that was really fun to hear about. I am trying to find copies of the book to have for visitors to buy.  

Another great example of the treasured guests that come through the doors of our visitors center. My job is the greatest job ever, where else can you make new friends most every day?