by Akos Kovach | GTA Board Member

According to Psychology Today: “Pareidoliais a phenomenon wherein people perceive likenesses on random images—such as faces, animals, or objects on clouds and rock formations. It is not a clinical diagnosis nor is it a disorder. The brain has a tendency to assign meaning wherever it can. Seeing a rabbit in the clouds, or an animal (instead of leaves) in the brush is a commonplace experience of pareidolia.”

Have you been stunned by a cloud that reminds you of an animal? Or watching leaves on a tree seemingly create a profile imagefof a human face?

It does happen, and it can be very rewarding to capture the image on your phone or camera, will you see that image or maybe a different image a few days later? It does happen!

Your mind is the door to imagination and creativity. Ask anyone who has traveled to Greenlee County what did they see? Mountains,rivers, forests, the Mine, walking and equestrian trails with vista and views that imprint on you due the beauty and enormity of what you see.

Quickly, Greenlee County has 2 visitor centers – the oldest can be found at Country Chic Art Gallery, Crafters Boutique, Visitor Center in Duncan, while the Clifton Visitor Center is located in the Historic Train Depot. Both centers offer a wide array of maps and brochures of what to see and where to find them. Test out your Pareidolia on a trip to Greenlee County.

We offer a wide range of specialty foods from Filipino cuisine – Pizza’s – Sonoran style Mexican meals, deluxe steaks, amazing burgers and a delicatessen well stocked with meats and cheeses.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Greenlee County onlineat: GreenleeArizona Tourism – A tourism guide for Greenlee County, Arizona( and after we whet your whistle online come for a visit!