by Leslie Ray | Greenlee Visitors Center Manager

It’s taken me over 55 years to find the perfect job for me. A job where I can do what I know how to do.  TALK!

Several years ago I was a clerk on my probation period at a fast service convenience store. The store was located in a great spot where customers could come in, gas up, get what they needed, and be gone in a short period of time.  I thought I was doing a good job,helping customers find what they needed, checking them out, stocking and cleaning shelves, and other duties associated with the job.

One afternoon I came in for my shift and was told I needed to go to the manager’s office.  Wow, I thought I have made it!  I will be put on the regular schedule with my own hours, get my official name tag, and red shirt signifying I am a real employee, not just on probation.

I went into her office with a big smile on my face—feeling quite proud of myself–I had made it. Was I ever surprised when she told me “Leslie I am afraid I am going to have to let you go.”  The enthusiasm was replaced with confusion, I said, “I am always on time. I have taken extra shifts. My money drawer is always right to the penny. I did all the pre-hire tests and passed. What did I do wrong?”  She told me that we were a convenience store, known for fast service and an in-and-out time frame. “Leslie you are taking way too much time with each customer. YOU TALK TO MUCH.”  

Crying, I turned in my borrowed shirt, money drawer code, and signed my termination papers. I cried all the way home.

Skip ahead several years. I have the perfect job for me—Visitors Center manager! One of the best parts of the job, and one of the requirements, is knowing a lot about our area, the state, and all kinds of facts that visitors request info about.   Most importantly, this job requires the ability to TALK, give pertinent information answer questions,to make the visitors comfortable, and help them make the most of there stay in our community. 

So if anyone needs any information about our area, the state, other states, parks, birding and hiking trails, FMI copper mine, and so much more—come see us at the historic train depot where the Clifton Visitors Center is located.  For more info you can call 928-865-3313. I look forward to seeing you!