Every organization has one BIG thing in common: they need volunteers. But what is a volunteer? What are the tasks the potential volunteer will need to perform? How long is a ‘volunteer shift’?  These and many other questions will be answered coming up Friday July 8th thanks to Greenlee Search & Rescue.Continue Reading

YES YOU CAN Sometime back in April the Arizona Department of Liquor (ADOL)  began gathering information ahead of the Liquor License Lottery period.  After much research and data gathering the ADOL issued a press release which can be read here:  2022_Lottery_Press_Release.pdf (azliquor.gov) The bottom line is that the Liquor License Lottery thisContinue Reading


Town of Duncan: Centennial Park is a mecca of recreational fun centrally located along side Old West Highway US 70 on the East side of Country Chic. Take a break from your travels and enjoy this wonderful roadside park that hosts amenities such as covered picnic tables, plenty of roomContinue Reading

This play (written by Pam Harrington) treated the history of Clifton with respect and humor. Elements of fact were woven into fantasy which also emulates this intriguing place we call home. The characters were well developed, the audience was given an opportunity to connect or disconnect with each character, andContinue Reading