By Steve Ahmann It is just another organization designed to frustrate you because: Besides, Greenlee County already has everything I want.  Great scenery; wide open spaces; healthy climate, air, and water; great elected officials that work hard for me; excellent schools; low taxes; wide, safe, clean streets and roads; sidewalksContinue Reading

by Akos Kovach | GTC Vice Chair Once upon a time in a land close and dear ran a river from the mountains filled with wolves, cattle and deer. It took me just a little while to embrace this huge big place, so much to see and so much toContinue Reading

By Akos Kovach As we begin the year 2023, we are reminded of the history that has been seared into the stone and granite of this slice of earth known as Greenlee County. How many millennia have passed since this place began to take shape? We will leave that complexContinue Reading

Call to all artists. Share your creations with us at the 9th Annual Colors of Copper Fine Art and Wine Tasting Gala to be held November 12 and 13 in Clifton, Arizona. Submissions deadline: October 21. For more information including the artist prospectus, registration forms and fees, please visit Reading

Thanks to the procurement of some grant money, a group of determined local citizens (you?), and a vision of prosperous new businesses, Greenlee’s County seat is becoming a destination. Continue Reading

Clifton, the Greenlee County Seat, is a blend of historical homes and modern residences perched within the canyon of the meandering San Francisco River. Due to this geography, Clifton is laid out in a linear fashion and has three distinct neighborhoods — South Clifton, East Clifton, and Chase Creek. (NorthContinue Reading