by Akos Kovach | GTC Vice Chair

Once upon a time in a land close and dear ran a river from the mountains filled with wolves, cattle and deer.
It took me just a little while to embrace this huge big place, so much to see and so much to do, but now I see it clear.

The last big flood in ’83 washed many a home and businesses away. 
The muddy streets, the shattered dreams left few to stay or play.

No need to dwell on things far past, its time to be renewed
And with this verse and helping hands the river is about to be viewed

Viewed in a way to reinforce what was started long ago –
It was 18 and 73 when Clifton came to be, and soon the town did grow

And now we stand on hallowed ground to let imagination flow
Just like the mighty river reflecting the sunny glow. 

150 years or more – and what is there to see?
Serenity and evergreens and palm trees growing free

Old-timers love to reminisce and tell their big, tall tales;
The rest of us stand back with awe and hike the barren trails

It is our wish and well-planned goal to bring back some days of old
With boats and birds, hot springs and things that guests will see as gold

Our frisky little river, one day will be renewed.

We hope you come along with us, we truly need your help
For one day in the future this process will be on Yelp

For fun and entertainment, for laughs and good times roll;
Our mighty Frisco River will once more invite your stroll

Enjoy our quiet slice of earth, wade, kayak or go birding
Our plan begins St Patty’s day we hope to do some herding

Of happy people coming in to enjoy this destination.