Thousands of Stories – one at a time

By Akos Kovach

As we begin the year 2023, we are reminded of the history that has been seared into the stone and granite of this slice of earth known as Greenlee County.

How many millennia have passed since this place began to take shape? We will leave that complex answer for geologists because they can regale us with evidence of volcanic activity which in turn churned huge deposits of precious metals, minerals, and rich soil.

Silver, copper, gold, azurite, malachite, are just a small sampling of the 78 some odd valid minerals identified in Greenlee. But there are also deposits of precious stones, gems and other valuable ‘finds’ in this rich environment. Stories abound here as well.

And what about fossils? Then after thousands of years early inhabitants painted petroglyphs that remain to this day. Then as indigenous tribes migrated into the area the abundant wildlife provided meat for consumption, fur for clothing, teeth, and bones for jewelry and that barely scratches the surface.

Early explorers like Conquistador Coronado carved a trail through the area in the 1540’s, leaving behind artifacts, campsites and other period treasures.

Famed Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo was born just north of present-day Morenci. Evidence of indigenous settlers can be found in numerous locations, mostly close to the rivers that flow year around through this region. A rarity that adds importance to the area as a tourist attraction.

Wildlife is still prevalent, as is fishing. Trophy Elk, Mule deer, White tail, Big Horn Sheep, Javelina, mountain lion, black bear, pronghorn, and many others. Turkey season is also very popular in this area, along with squirrel and rabbit.

The bottom line is expect to see coyotes, wolves big cats and bears oh my!

Something less vigorous for you? Rockhounding is a big deal here as well – and with hundreds of miles of trails – hiking is very popular as well.

Come to Greenlee County – ski and snowmobile in the high country, or follow trails that are literally hundreds of years old. Did we mention cuisine? Oh yes – true Sonoran and Chihuahua style menus abound, Filipino food, Chinese food, Honduran meals, pasta’s, huge steaks and even bigger burgers – so what are you waiting for?