By Steve Ahmann

It is just another organization designed to frustrate you because:

  1. It never gets anything accomplished.
  2. It is made up of a bunch of old retired people (mostly old men) that have time to waste.
  3. Who wants a bunch of “foreigners” poking around our homes and clogging our streets.
  4. Speaking of streets, they are already bad enough without dragging others over them in our way.
  5. The “mine” already ensures that the county will be “in business” for the foreseeable future.
  6. Why would I want to waste my time attending another meeting.
  7. I am already too busy with (pick one/more) family, friends, children, grandchildren, church, my club, exercise, business, health issues, life.
  8. “They” do nothing that concerns me.
  9. I just do not have the time.
  10. Nothing “in it” for me.
  11. Other … write your own!

Besides, Greenlee County already has everything I want.  Great scenery; wide open spaces; healthy climate, air, and water; great elected officials that work hard for me; excellent schools; low taxes; wide, safe, clean streets and roads; sidewalks and walking trails; entertainment and activities; night lighting; wonderful restaurants; ample parking; low crime; and my toilet flushes.

I don’t know about you, but, in my opinion – several of the things on the above list are either not true, or they are breaking (or already broken).

While I do believe there is a great deal to love about Greenlee County, we all know that nothing is perfect.  And we have learned that things never stay the same.  They either get better, or worse.  If enough of us work toward improving our situation, we can and will succeed.  If we do nothing except complain and throw -THEY SHOULD” bombs, nothing will get better, it will continue in its present trajectory.  Remember INERTIA from physics?  

All of this is to say, If we want clean safe neighborhoods, police, fire, and medical attention, paved streets, places to shop, nice restaurants, enjoyable, safe activities, good paying meaningful employment, and toilets that flush, we can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution.  And the time to stand up and participate has arrived.  

Your tourism council has worked for, and been awarded a grant that has the potential to fix many of our county’s shortcomings.  We have committed to (and will) work hundreds of hours over this next year toward building the base needed to attract and support an active local business community capable of generating the revenue required to provide the goods and services we currently lack.

If you will invest $10 and join us, you earn the right to help fix “your” problem or issue, as well as keep us from messing up something you do not want changed.  The San Francisco River Revitalization Plan is going to move forward, with, or without, YOU.  The more of us that identify and work toward common goals, the more of us that will be satisfied with the final products.  Don’t you think it is finally time to get off the sidelines and get into the game?  Welcome to the future.