Planning and organizing any event require attention to details and excellent communication between the organizers and the public. One of the most important aspects of creating an event or rebuilding an event is selecting a venue suitable for all the activities planned to coordinate within the event.

When somebody is looking for a place to live, one of the most important aspects of making a good decision is finding a suitable location. Proximity to food, public restrooms, ease of access, ample parking, access to electricity and services are all part of making a good decision about where to host an event.

Now combine looking for a suitable event location along with the fact that many of us think that we were born in a small town.  What? Yes, it is very important to take into consideration where we were born, where we were raised where we have lived. Creating an atmosphere that makes attendees comfortable, helps them to feel safe and welcome, and overall has plenty of space so that everybody feels at home.

Where we come from is very important not only to ourselves but to our children and our children’s children.  Supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs is central for the health and well-being of all small towns.

On any given day small businesspeople entrepreneur’s food carts and all the other various ventures who offer their goods and services are looking for ways to expand and earn more. This relationship between the public and individual businesses is very challenging.

And in today’s world of instant access to news, weather and sports, having unlimited access to television radio satellites and dozens of forms of communication dash getting the word out is becoming more challenging than ever before.

Word-of-mouth sharing of information to neighbors and with friends is one of the best ways to share information. This newsletter, Discover Greenlee, exists because of the need to process, define and disseminate information important to the residents of Greenlee County. Local news, local events and yes even regional events can be found in the pages of Discover Greenlee.

The more we share information among ourselves the higher the likelihood of every event to be well attended, successful, and profitable.

Please join the Greenlee Tourism Association as it proudly hosts the Frisco River Festival on March 17th. With an excellent location, the Clifton soccer field, which is found next to the Clifton splash pad and across the street from blue door sanctuary and the Clifton hotel and bar.

Look for the large green colored banners popping up around town – go to for more information, find ways to become a vendor, provide entertainment, and other ways to take part. We invite you to join in the celebration of the SFRRP – (San Francisco River Revitalization Plan.) A way to bring more outdoor recreational opportunities, better access to the river itself, adding new businesses and places to live and much more.

Please Come and join us for this celebration of St. Patty’s Day and the SFRRP!

Come on March 17th, to the Clifton soccer field next to the San Francisco River as it runs through our community. From that soccer field a prominent feature is just across the river, and it is called Shannon hill. Dwarfed by comparison in size but an equally important feature is the historic Clifton train depot. It is one of two surviving train depots of its style.

by Akos Kovach