Clifton Ghost Tours held every Friday and Saturday evenings in August 2022. Tours begin 7:30pm at the Clifton Train Station. Visit to reserve your spot. Gold, fires, floods, natural disasters, abducted children… For a small town hidden away in the cooper laden mountains of Eastern Arizona, Clifton has seenContinue Reading

Come experience the powerful sounds of crystal bowls, Native American flutes, Shamanistic drumming and more. August 13 and 27 at Blue Door Sanctuary in Clifton from 5:30-6:30pm. $20 per participant. August 13 intention setting and peridot bracelet making at 5pm. $10 for materials. Sound therapy is a natural method ofContinue Reading

Some came out of curiosity, others joined in because they were asked, and still, others attended to cheer on our awesome volunteers. It has been a long time since our last volunteer appreciation activity, but the Greenlee Tourism Council, made up for it in a big way at the JulyContinue Reading

Submitted by Steve Ahmann So you like pretty, sparkly, bright-colored stones. And, you know you need to getmore fresh air and sunshine. What better way to accomplish satisfying bothdesires than rock-hounding? Furthermore, with the monsoon’s cooling things so we can comfortably gooutside, all that rain exposing new rock strata, andContinue Reading

Submitted by Ákos Kovach Over the past few months your Tourism Council has been carrying the heavy weight of grant deadlines, membership drive, Clifton Hill Climb, Big Quack Duck Race and a reexamination and re-work of our Vision and Mission Statement. The health and well-being of any organization depends on the goodContinue Reading

Submitted by Barbara Ahmann Escape to Egypt art exhibit (reception to be held September 22 from 3 to 7 p.m.) was conceived from my desire to share my experience of traveling to Egypt. The entire trip was surreal. Several times, I had to ask my husband, Steve to pinch meContinue Reading

Submitted by Scott Brack Greenlee County is an active place.  Situated in a gorgeous part of the country with rivers, high deserts, mountains and forests, we’re ideally suited for adventures.  The residents of Greenlee County take full advantage of these natural gifts.  Passions like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, biking, climbing,Continue Reading

Every organization has one BIG thing in common: they need volunteers. But what is a volunteer? What are the tasks the potential volunteer will need to perform? How long is a ‘volunteer shift’?  These and many other questions will be answered coming up Friday July 8th thanks to Greenlee Search & Rescue.Continue Reading

YES YOU CAN Sometime back in April the Arizona Department of Liquor (ADOL)  began gathering information ahead of the Liquor License Lottery period.  After much research and data gathering the ADOL issued a press release which can be read here:  2022_Lottery_Press_Release.pdf ( The bottom line is that the Liquor License Lottery thisContinue Reading