FRISCO RIVER FESTIVAL – Riverfront Soccer Field on Park Ave. in Clifton AZ. Sunday, March 17th. 11AM – 6PM. FOOD, FUN and ENTERTAINMENT for the whole FAMILY.  Hosted by the Greenlee County Tourism Association and Sponsored by:  LITTLE FRISCO RESTAURANT in Clifton; GREEN LEEF DISPENSARY in Clifton; MORENCI DENTAL, DR.Continue Reading

It is amazing what one word can do. The other day a couple came into the visitors center and I could tell from the minute they walked in that they did not like our area and were having very negative thoughts about the area. The wife had a look onContinue Reading

Planning and organizing any event require attention to details and excellent communication between the organizers and the public. One of the most important aspects of creating an event or rebuilding an event is selecting a venue suitable for all the activities planned to coordinate within the event. When somebody isContinue Reading

by Akos Kovach | GTA Board Member They saw. They came. They rebuilt. They created – Ray West & Jeanette West Ray’s Vintage Market and Books, Toys & More by Jeanette became tourist destinations. They were featured in TV documentaries, travel guides, famed for their Roaring 20’s vintage clothing andContinue Reading