Celebrating the San Francisco River and its valley
Celebrating the San Francisco River and its valley

Recently, the Tourism Council receive a grant to develop a plan to revitalize the river and its valley. An event St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2023 will mark the Kick-off of the plan with a community celebration. All are invited to join the fun at the Clifton Soccer Field next to the Splash Pad. There will be entertainment, food and fun for all. Kite flying and corn hole will be among the games and competition Please plan to come to this event.

We suggest that you look up one of the Greenlee County Tourism Council members. Your opinions about what you think revitalization looks like are important to the future of the community.

If you have not yet responded to a questionnaire, please email GTC at visitgreenlee@gmail.com answering the questions below or make it a point to attend our SFRRP Kick Off event on Friday, March 17th. and get your responses recorded.

The San Francisco River Revitalization Plan (SFRRP) Questionnaire was designed by Cat Heller and Steve Ahman and produced by the Greenlee County Tourism Council to gather ideas and input from Greenlee County Citizens and folks who love the San Francisco River. 

The Questionnaire asked:

1. What activities do you want to see along the river corridor in the Town of Clifton?

2. What concerns you about potential change(s) associated with actions and activities along the San Francisco River?

3. Dream Big! What could Clifton and its river provide, to give you pride in living in Clifton?

For more information, to sign up for a booth or to participate in the event, Ahmann may be contacted at (928) 865-2085 or by email at steveahman@yahoo.com.