In our youth what did we look forward to?  We could hardly wait for birthdays, vacations, holidays such as Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving Day and the growing anticipation of Election Day.

My family and I emigrated to America during the month of November. President Kennedy was assassinated in November, and those of us who were alive then remember exactly where we were when we heard the heartbreaking news.

November is jam packed with the World Series, basketball, football and all the sports that mean so much to so many.

While somethings have changed dramatically, other events and special days remain constant, almost reassuring. Family reunions abound, as does traveling before the brunt of winter takes hold.

Which brings us to today’s publication of the Discover Greenlee Newsletter and our constant online companion Ever since 2020, not-for-profit organizations have strained to continue operations. And those groups who have successfully navigated the new upside-down world are still working to remain vibrant and relevant. As we strive to maintain a new appreciation for the dramatically new landscape of hosting public events, attracting visitors and sharing positive news we ask you for your assistance.

Not a day goes by without the Greenlee Tourism Council being approached for support, assistance or otherwise provide the foundation for new events, maintaining existing happenings and in general spreading the good news about our slice of heaven.

So, we humbly ask that you share our newsletter with your family and friends. Please.

Concluding, let us ask you these three questions:  (please reply by email, or on social media at Greenlee County Tourism | Facebook

1. In your opinion what is something new you would personally like to see happen here in Greenlee?

2.  Also in your view, what are some of your favorite activities that take place here in Greenlee?

3. And finally will you join us as a member, volunteer, Board member or team leader?

With warm wishes for a safe and memorable November 2022.

Ákos Kovach, Vice Chair, Greenlee Tourism Council