When you think of all the things that are significant or important in your life, what comes to mind? Is it Pickleball? Disc golf? Horseback trails? Sporting events?

Over the decade the Tourism Council has been active we have been asked to incubate a group that has a special focus on something like bicycle racing, rock hounding, art shows, etc. So what is your passion? But at the same time, are you willing to participate in the planning and action steps needed to make your idea become a reality?

We have a large number of entrepreneurs, some are woodcrafters, metal art enthusiasts, seasonal door wreath makers, t-shirt makers, caterers, jewelry makers, knitters, soap makers, specialty oil makers and many who bake cookies, or provide baking services. And that is merely a partial list but goes to show that all of them are looking for an opportunity to sell their products or services. The Tourism Council can help with that. But it means we need your ideas, funds and hands-on participation.

If this appeals to you, please write us at VisitGreenlee@gmail.com or send us a message from our Facebook page: Greenlee County Tourism | Facebook

We have a BIG announcement to make in the next few days, but until then please join us – as a member, as a volunteer, as a project leader!

With kind regards,

Ákos Kovach, Vice Chair, Greenlee Tourism Council