Colors of Copper Art Show

9th Annual
Art Competition and Wine Tasting

November 12, 2022 from noon to 8 p.m.
Sunday November 13, 2022 from noon to 6 p.m.
Location: Clifton Train Station, 100 N. Coronado In Clifton, AZ

Copper is one of the first elements known and used by man. Native Copper in its raw
uncombined state was used by prehistoric people. Copper can range in color from pale
rose to copper red, reddish orange to brown. When tarnished it turns black to green in

Colors of Copper Art Show

The artworks in the show will be judged on the artists’ ability to portray copper’s
qualities, such as, color, texture and/or context.

Art Depot has received art submission throughout the state and beyond. We are proud to have many local talent. Morenci artist, Bria Brown will have on display a masterpiece,

The judges will have a difficult time choosing first, second and three awards in the
categories of paintings, sculpture and photography. I believe those who have consented
to judges this year’s show to be a stellar case; Freeport-McMo Ran’s Community
Development Manager & Townsite, Martha Lujan, Clayton Jarvis an artist, collector,
historian, world traveler, however for the last ten years’ has become a hermit based in
Duncan, and last but not least, Deanna Cluff who earned a MFA in Drawing and a MFA
from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and is now an Associate Professor of
Art at EAC.

This year’s featured winery is Sonora Vineyard. Sonoran Wines is located along the
edge of a winding desert greenbelt, spanning the banks of Turkey Creek as it meanders
from the base of the Chiricahua Mountains into the sprawling valley below. Their unique
location, mineral-rich soil, and climate support our extraordinary grape production,
connecting every sip to the desert. Sonora’s mission is to produce award-winning,
distinct and extraordinary Southern Arizona wines in small-batch boutique production by
blending old world and contemporary expertise.

We will be tasting Sonora’s five released wines:
2016 Reserve Petite Sirah: their Reserve Petite Sirah is well-balanced and bold with a
distinctive ruby hue and rich taste. Aged in oak barrels for five years, this wine was
allowed to develop its nose and flavor over time. Notes of coffee, char, tobacco, and
blackberry on the nose complement a ripe blackberry taste followed by darker notes on
the finish.

2018 Real de Terrenate Red Blend: Named after the historical Spanish presidio to the west
of our vineyard, this red blend draws inspiration from the classic French Côtes du Rhône
wines. The blackberry, hibiscus, and char notes with a round plush taste from the
Grenache and a mild spice from the Mourvèdre creates a luscious wine.

2018 Real de San Bernardino Red Blend: This red blend, named after the historical
Spanish presidio site to the south of our vineyard, is a versatile wine that draws on the
classical qualities of our Rhône-style grapes. These distinct terroir shapes this original
blend that has floral and red cherry notes with a well-balanced spice on the palate.
2020 Viognier: Sonora’s Viognier adds a crisp, bright white wine reminiscent of the
golden minerality of the alluvial soil of the region. This refreshing white has notes
of stone fruit, apple and pear on the nose with a lovely citrus taste on the palate.

2020 Rosé of Grenache: The color of this Rosé is a hue found in our monsoon
sunsets, and the crisp, bright profile complements the piquant flavors of the
Southwest. This perfectly balanced wine has notes of strawberries and peaches on
the nose and a creaminess with a slight hint of honey on the palate.