by Akos Kovach | GCTC Vice Chair

Survey’s seem to propagate faster than rabbits these days, and there is a good reason: they are reflective of real-time answers about real-time topics that matter.

When various age groups are asked what they are looking for in a destination vacay – whether 3 days or 7 most reply with:

  1. a place recommended by friends or family
  2. Popularity, well-known or the contrary opposite
  3. Comprehensive information online
  4. Availability of discounts
  5. Destination proximity to starting point

There are many other subfactors but, in general, getting tourists to come see you, to visit the town, the mountains, the mine or whatever else appeals to them. 

So first please tell/ask your family and friends to give us a visit. Give us a chance to earn their business.

  • Want a personal ghost tour when you arrive? We have that.
  • Where are the best places to stay? Our inventory of hotel/motel space has improved.
  • We have plenty of RV parks as well.
  • The rivers are running. Be careful, but recreating around the rivers is big fun. Tall ponderosa and famous winding mountain roads.
  • Birds are migrating.  See flocks, not just one or two.
  • Want to stay connected with nature? We have that.
  • Rockhounding? Oh my goodness do we have that!
  • Whether you want to hike, bike or ride – we offer elevations over 9,000′,  

Yes, please tell/ask your family and friends to give Greenlee a visit. Give us a chance to earn their business. Food, libation, historic to pre-historic. Gift shops, public access restrooms, and plenty of friendly people to ask for directions.

We invite you to take a tour at: 

Thank you, 

Ákos Kovach, Greenlee Tourism Council

Vice Chair​