Daniel Ortega, James Hallgrimson; Steven Chavarria and Estevan Mesa. On the Dias Ray Lorenzo and Mayor Montoya

Item D:

Akos Kovach, on behalf of the Greenlee Tourism Council thanked the Clifton Town Council for their support of the Clifton Hill Climb, arguably one of the best hill climb events in recent memory.

Also the Tourism Council presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Arturo (Turo) Roybal for his exceptional work ethic during the Hill Climb event. The Certificate was asked to be presented to Mr. Roybal by Town staff, with an extra copy to be placed in his personnel file.

The image of the certificate was posted to social media and quickly received over 5,000 views and several congratulatory comments for Mr. Roybal.

Matt Bollinger and Denise Benton, newly named Director of the Graham Greenlee United Way, presented the Clifton Fire Department with a check for $250,000 for their ongoing program of staying up-to-date with equipment. (see photos)

Item H:

Item Number 1:

This was a 9-1-1 ADOA Program presentation – Chief Omar Negrete and Sheriff Tim Sumner – “this is just an advance report on what is coming up from the State ADOA”.

Currently both the Town of Clifton & Greenlee Sheriff’s Office have 9-1-1  call centers. These centers are called PSAP’s – A public-safety answering point. The state (through the ADOA – Az Dept of Administration).

Generally the state requires a certain minimum number of calls per month in order to justify a PSAP. Neither the Town of Clifton nor the Greenlee Sheriffs office reach these minimum call volumes. Even when 9-1-1 calls are aggregated between the two law enforcement agencies the call volume is still below the minimum.  This is cause for concern because the state has considered merging the two Greenlee PSAP’s with the Graham County PSAP. Both Sheriff Sumner and Chief Negrete oppose this proposal.

Because the State has expressed interest in combining Greenlee with Graham County and just have one PSAP for both counties, Chief Negrete and Sheriff Sumner both noted their objection. While they understand the desire of the state to save money, both are concerned about placing the public at a disadvantage with emergency calls being handled in a different county.

There was no vote taken, as this was not an action item at this point.

Item H 2:

Resolution 2022-05 passed unanimously.

Item H 3:

It was determined that some of the ARPA funds that the Town of Clifton received, some $1.2m,

Should be allocated towards design and construction services for the Ward Canyon and Paradise Lift Stations and replacement projects. There was unanimous support from the Council.

Item H 4:

The $74,391.34 proposal will be used for engineering and paving completion of Palacio Loop Road. Mayor moved and second by Vice Mayor Laura Dorrell to approve the $74,391.34 expense. The project will be completed before the end of June 2022.

Item H 5:

Big Quack Duck Race received unanimous support as well, as they co-host a River Clean up with Gila Watershed Partnership on June 4th.

The host coordination site is the Clifton Hotel, for both activities. The River Clean up schedule starts at 8 am and ends with a lunch at noon. Then the Greenlee Tourism Council then starts the festivities by starting all the ducks under the Zorrilla Bridge with the finish line being at the Railroad Bridge by Sidebottom Park.

Funds raised will benefit ongoing planning and action steps to enhance the visibility and use of the San Francisco River as it passes through Clifton. Similar to the ongoing linear park project in Graham County,

The Tourism Council has applied for numerous grants to further the work needed along the river in order to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to locate and establish business roots in this area. Among the string contenders is a Zip line, rafting/tubing business, expansion of the hiking trails which would also support birding in the area.

Clifton Town Manager Perez reported that Circle K has finally submitted a building permit for their new building and the pump islands, the request is under review at this time.

It was also reported that the paving project along Chase Creek Street has begun. This project is expected to be completed in the next 45 days.