Clifton Hill Climb Highlights

Certificate awarded to Arturo Roybal

One of the highlights of the Clifton Hill Climb 2022 was the driver of the Courtesy Van, Arturo Roybal. This remarkable young man came to work the Hill Climb and delivered 100% attention to detail, work ethic and customer service. Mr. Roybal was courteous, took initiative and left everyone who he came in contact with a sense of goodwill.  Mr. Roybal showed all the drivers, pit crew members, SCCA officials and audience what the best of Clifton really looked like – a cheerful courtesy, a happy greeting and service  with a smile. 

The Tourism Council wishes to express their thanks to the Town of Clifton for their support. The Courtesy Van was a huge component of our success, as were the trash  cans, law enforcement support before, during, and after the Race Parade and in general the individual support from Council member Karen Crump-Frye.

This  4-day event started at the Clifton Hotel & Bar on Thursday, and wrapped up with a tally of well over 500 attendees to the various components of the weekend such as early welcome, volunteer training, viewers at the starting line, mid-point, and finish line. Plus the audience favorite Race Car Parade, Meet & Greet at the Legion on Saturday, a full race day on Sunday topped of with the Award Dinner on Sunday evening.

Thanks to each and every one who participated, volunteered, and or attended any, or all of these activities. On a side note, one of the more prominent racers from Albuquerque has been so impressed with Clifton that he plans on opening a new office here.