Sometimes ‘the best’ of anything is difficult to locate or identify.  Take for example the Greenlee County Historical Society & Museum located on Historic Chase Creek Street, also home to a large Historical Preservation Neighborhood.

Look on any map of Clifton, Arizona. Zoom in on Chase Creek Street at street level and you will find yourself traveling back in time to an era of wild west antics, bordellos, immigrants from around the world performing tasks that now comprise the art and history of this amazing area.

The Historical Society Museum offers a unique Gift Shop; a photo array spanning 3 different centuries; artifacts and a truly one-of-a-kind experience all situated high and dry in this 1880’s style environment.

The Board of Directors has posted 3 phone numbers on the door of the Museum, easily found on Chase Creek Street. The phone numbers of three board members are on the message, and someone can be there in a just a matter of a few minutes to open the doors of history to you.

Copy these names and phone numbers down for an experience you will want to share with family and friends. 

Bernabe Morales        (928) 865-2719

Joe Fout                        (928) 215-0829

Tammie McWhinney  (928) 687-1454

The Museum is here for you to view, admire and peruse. The Gift Shop allows you to own a piece of history, or at least a memento of what this place has seen and experienced over the last almost 150 years. Yes, the sesquicentennial celebration planning is well under way, something you will NOT want to miss!

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