Submitted by Ákos Kovach

Over the past few months your Tourism Council has been carrying the heavy weight of grant deadlines, membership drive, Clifton Hill Climb, Big Quack Duck Race and a reexamination and re-work of our Vision and Mission Statement.

The health and well-being of any organization depends on the good graces of many people, our strategic partners, our members, the Board of Directors and a plethora of moving parts that we pretend we manage. I tongue-in-cheek use the term ‘pretend’ because many of the projects and activities of the Tourism Council (or those events and gatherings that we support and promote) are akin to a jigsaw puzzle with moving parts. 

Sure, we plan, we prepare but then along comes a pandemic, a surge in expenses, gas prices at historic high levels yet – here we are. Still hosting events, still promoting high quality rock hounding, hiking and biking, hill climb races, ghost tours, our local hospitality industry, terrific dark sky views and so much more all in the geographically smallest County of Arizona.  

We are Pro-Tourism, Pro-shopping local and Pro-Chamber of Commerce.

As we put the final touches on our Vision & Mission Statements we are also creating a map of sorts to help not only Tourism Council members but also our partners and supporters understand our goals and objectives.

We invite your feedback. Tell us what you think, help us identify the sort of recreational businesses you wish we had, events you would not only attend but kindly offer your volunteer time to build a successful activity we can replicate year after year.

Yes, we as an organization need you. Your time, your energy, your participation. Come fly with us! 

Thank you, come for a visit anytime!