Join Us For Our 1st Rally Cross Event On 22/23 October In Camp Verde AZ ! Our inaugural AZ SCCA Rally in Camp Verde will be held on Saturday and Sunday 22/23 October in Camp Verde AZ at the Equestrian Center there. This inaugural event will be the first of the 2023 Season and one of many over the last months of 2022 and through the spring of 2023. We include a practice day on Saturday the 22rd and competition on Sunday the 23rd of October. A Valid drivers license is required to race. SCCA Membership is required. You may purchase a yearly membership through the SCCA or purchase a weekend membership for this event. Helmets are required. If you don’t have a helmet meeting one of the following standards, loaner helmets are available: Helmet Requirements are available here. Loaner helmets may be available. But they are first come first served and therefore not guaranteed You car must pass a basic safety/tech inspection. Make sure your battery is secured & positive terminal is covered, brake pedal is firm, throttle moves freely, wheels have minimal play, and car is empty of any loose objects, including the spare tire, subwoofers, amps, etc. Rallycross rules for safety, classing, etc. can be found here. If you haven’t signed up for the RallyCross yet ….
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If you have done a RallyCross before, you know how much fun this is. If you haven’t, don’t miss out on this inaugural event and come join us in the dirt at Camp Verde !
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