Keep an Eye on Greenlee

We are only limited by our imagination and determination. So why not imagine bigger events and be determined to see them to fruition?

Fall and early winter conjure up thoughts of Trick or Treating, costumes, harvest festivals, lantern lightings, Dia de lo Muertos, Sukkot, Canning parties, raking and jumping in a pile of leaves, pumpkin patch celebrations, and these are just a few (oh did I miss Oktober Fest?) We have Corn Hole parties, parades and delicious food events you do not wish to miss.

As Greenlee County races towards 2023, there are still plenty of activities and events worth your attention and participation. We are a giving community, on any day there are soup sales to support the hungry or those in need, trunk or treat events to keep children safe while enjoying Halloween away from dark streets and goblins. Pantries provide food and meals, we celebrate Veteran’s Day with class and tribute and much more.

So please, keep an eye on Greenlee. We are resilient, we help without being asked, we promote without benefit – we love where we live and enjoy sharing our unique corner of earth. October and November are full of surprises and fun. The Colors of Copper Art Show and Wine Tasting is just one example of bringing people together in a safe and fun manner while finding the ‘perfect’ piece of art for our homes.
Come celebrate with us throughout the Autumn months, follow us on social media and come enjoy our hospitality.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Akos Kovach, Greenlee Tourism Vice Chair