When the Town of Clifton alerted the public many months ago that they would no longer host the annual event, the Clifton Social Club (CSC) stepped up and took ownership of this special annual event. 

The CSC handled all the organization and coordination for the day with lots of volunteer assistance and a huge level of support from the Town of Clifton, Chase Creek businesses, various Greenlee County non-profit organizations.

The new lamp posts added a much welcome touch of light on the parade route allowing lots of safe places for onlookers to see, sit and enjoy!

From the Museum, to the Social Club, Union Hall up and down both sides of the street –decorations and good cheer were on the menu. And speaking of menus – such a selection~! Granny’s Antique’s was open as was The Apothecary and studio 226.The array of vendors was truly impressive.

And frankly,who knew there were so many nice grinches here? ak