Courtesy of Pictured is the original Arizona State Route 71 along the Coronado Trail facing south towards Morenci from the Chase Creek Overlook. This photo was featured in the July 1934 volume of Arizona Highways.   The Coronado Trail is a 123-mile section of modern US Route 191 from SpringervilleContinue Reading

Roses of Clifton by Cat Heller We all know that our valley has a long history of copper. But did you know that it also has a long history of roses? Yes, roses. Take a walk through the older parts of Clifton and you’ll find hundreds of ancient roses.Modern rosesContinue Reading

Clifton’s “Founder’s Day” Celebration on November 4 will include other events occurring at the same time. The annual “Colors of Copper” Festival will be held on Saturday, Nov. 4 and Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023.  Other organizations (i.e., American Legion, Tourism Council, Social Club, Vietnam Vets, Historical Society, Greenlee County, etc.)Continue Reading

Clifton, the Greenlee County Seat, is a blend of historical homes and modern residences perched within the canyon of the meandering San Francisco River. Due to this geography, Clifton is laid out in a linear fashion and has three distinct neighborhoods — South Clifton, East Clifton, and Chase Creek. (NorthContinue Reading