In March, the Greenlee Tourism Council kicked off the San Francisco River Revitalization Plan, and the excitement is now in the spotlight. While the talented band, Nu Blu,took the stage entertaining music lovers at the event, their production team put together a Halloween show for the series, BlueGrass Ridge TV, that was nationally aired on October 30th. This video is a captivating 24-minute journey filled with bluegrass music, intriguing ads, and numerous mentions of Clifton & Greenlee County.

Hosted by the delightful Carolyn & Daniel Routh, the video opens with their enchanting visit to our very own slice of heaven. Throughout the show, Clifton and Greenlee County are featured prominently, and we couldn’t be prouder of the exposure our area is receiving.

When you fast forward to 13:25, you’ll dive deep into the segment dedicated to Clifton & Greenlee County, where the beauty of our region shines. At 14:15, we proudly showcase The Clifton Hotel, a local gem.

Keep in mind, this video has a national reach, making it a fantastic opportunity to promote Clifton & Greenlee County. And at 21:00, don’t miss the moment when our website,, takes center stage – that’s what we call National Advertising!

Join us in celebrating the splendor of our community and share this video with friends and family. Let’s make our love for Clifton & Greenlee County go viral!