The first November weekend is Colors Of Copper again.

This year will be Clifton’s biggest event in 50 years, because the Town of Clifton 150 year celebration and Colors of Copper and Chase Creek Fair will combine with it, and we’ll have a huge party in the whole town.

The Art Depot at the Clifton Train Station has already signed up several wineries for wine tastings.

The Town of Clifton Arizona is getting the football field ready for the outdoor party…

and if you have some food specialties that you always thought you’d like to sell but weren’t sure how to start… November 4 & 5 might be your time.

A temporary event food handling permit from the Greenlee County Health Department is only $20 and the online food handler’s course is $10. That’s all you need from the legal end to become a food vendor.

There will be hundreds of happy and hungry guests and we’ll have shade structures, benches and small vendors all along the levee and Coronado Blvd from the football field to Chase Creek.

The railroad tracks are off limits, but if you have any other preferred spot where you’d like to set up your food offerings, get your permits and let me (Cat Heller, if you want to put your small stand on the levee or along Coronado Blvd) or Terry at the Headframe apothecary (if you want to set up on Chase Creek) know what you’ll sell and where you’d like to be.

Food trucks and other large vendors will set up on the soccer field parking lot, the Legion parking lot and Al Fernandez Park, and coordinate with Clifton Town Council Member Janeene Carrillo what space you need.

And if you make music, let us know as well: we’re looking to book several local bands and musicians at each location.

For anyone wanting to get their food vending license, here is the permit application ( and info about the permit process (