Resident urges community’s help in keeping the San Francisco beautiful

BY WALT MARES | Special to the Copper Era | Dec 23, 2023 | Updated Dec 28, 2023

Clifton resident Will Collins wants to increase public awareness about the large amount of debris and other litter on the sidewalks, roads, and most importantly, the San Francisco River, that flows through the heart of Clifton.

Collins spoke about the issue at the Clifton Town Council meeting on Dec. 14. He told of the many cigarette butts he and a friend picked up in a short quarter-mile walk from his residence on historic Chase Creek Street to Town Hall. At that, it was nothing compared to the many butts, plastic wrappers and plastic bottles he and other members of the San Francisco River Revitalization Project spend at least a couple of days a week picking up debris and other trash throughout Clifton.