Hello, my name is Kindle Spears, I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I worked in the tourism industry for 20 years before moving to Clifton in 2013. My wife, Erin Spears, and I moved here with our four amazing children due to employment at the mine. We have been restoring a one hundred year-old house since then. I love this town and Greenlee County. I love the rivers, the people, the security, and the history. Besides working at the mine, I own an ice manufacturing company, manage several properties, and serve the members of our community with the training I have as an electrician. I have served the Tourism Council for years providing supplies, experience, and volunteer hours. I know the importance of attracting tourists to our county, bringing revenue to the businesses of our towns, and benefiting our residents with recreational opportunities. I look forward to working with you, as well as, the Mayor and town council to build a sustainable future in our little slice of heaven here in Southeastern Arizona.

CONGRATULATIONS ALSO TO new Vice Chair, Brittani Lacey and Treasurer, Joseph Kennedy.