Haunted Arizona Ghost Tours-Clifton, AZ

Clifton Ghost Tours held every Friday and Saturday evenings in August 2022. Tours begin 7:30pm at the Clifton Train Station. Visit hauntedarizonaghosttours.com to reserve your spot.

Gold, fires, floods, natural disasters, abducted children…

For a small town hidden away in the cooper laden mountains of Eastern Arizona, Clifton has seen more than its fair share of news making headlines.

Just as rich gold and mineral veins run deep in this land, tales of discovery, barbarity, entrepreneurship, destitution, triumph and trials weave through the core of this colorful yet enduring town.

Discover the stories of the old West and find out why so many people including paranormal investigators consider this a must stop when it comes to otherworldly encounters.

Walk the dusty streets, tour the mountain jail, the historic buildings and you’ll see why residents love Clifton so much that not even death can convince them to leave.