Greenlee, a Wonderful Place to Be

By Scott Brack | GTC Board Member
Greenlee County is a wonderful place and one of our most powerful assets is our amazing sense of community. Communities don’t just happen without effort, though. We create our communities through the interactions we have with neighbors, friends and visitors and the support we give each other. We create the place we want to be in. Please keep this in mind later this month as Greenlee County, in partnership with the Arizona Border Region of the Sports Car Club of America, hosts the annual (and exciting) Clifton Hill Climb. There will be visitors from around the country to race the historic route up Ward Canyon Road in Clifton. Let’s make them feel welcome! Wave to a stranger, introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, connect a visitor to a friend of yours, tell them about some of the interesting places in our area. Let’s show them what a special place Greenlee is and encourage them to come back again with friends! We’re the ones that make our place what it is, and you have great opportunities every day to show why Greenlee is worth discovering!