Some came out of curiosity, others joined in because they were asked, and still, others attended to cheer on our awesome volunteers.

GCTC celebrates volunteers at the July meeting

It has been a long time since our last volunteer appreciation activity, but the Greenlee Tourism Council, made up for it in a big way at the July tourism meeting.

To be accurate, a number of those who participated wanted to taste the catered brunch, and no one was disappointed!

Rebelle Kitchen, our caterer, took advantage of the commercial kitchen at our host location, the Clifton Hotel & Bar. They produced round after round of handcrafted delicacies, a wonderful fruit punch, scones, quiche and much more!

Thank you, Rebelle Kitchen for catering GCTC Volunteer Recognition

Rebelle Kitchen is a small, family-owned catering business. We can provide numerous appetizers, sides, main dishes, and deserts! Cooking has always been one of our greatest passions and we are happy to be able to do work we love to help our local communities! If you need a caterer for any occasion, we’d love to help! We also offer fun cooking classes for any age! These are hits at birthday parties! Please email us at for inquiries, quotes and menu choices! We look forward to hearing from you!

Some came early, others showed up later, but everyone including the munchkins enjoyed the recognition for ‘being there’ for tourism council events throughout the year.

The business portion of the Tourism Meeting went smoothly as each speaker shared their respective updates. Margaret Dillard, our webmaster and newsletter graphics partner, drove the furthest to attend, while our hosts, Matt and Karen Frey, shared their beautiful facilities (Clifton Hotel & Bar) as they do every month.

Visitor Center volunteers from both Clifton and Duncan came to show their support for the on-going efforts of the Tourism Council. Also, the Art Depot, Business Association of Chase Creek, FMI, Morenci Ace Hardware, Greenlee Chamber of Commerce and Gila Watershed Partnership all joined in the festivities.

Everyone had a opportunity to speak up, provide a self-introduction and talk about any subject they wanted to share about.

But let’s face it – it was the food that took center stage, and well-deservedly, it did. So while networking to their hearts’ content, everyone taste-tested every tray of food as it was carefully and beautifully displayed. Fine dining always included an impressive presentation, and it has often been said the appearance – the way the food is placed on a platter, arranged in a bowl , or decorated with drizzles makes eating food an event all by itself.

And now here is our “ask” – please join the Greenlee Tourism Council.

If you have a restaurant, overnight accommodations, or otherwise serve the traveling public, we need you, so that we can best help promote your goods, services, and events.

Join today, and please plan to attend our next meeting on the second Wednesday of August, the 10th, find out first-hand what we are working on, how we do things and, best of all, let us hear from you – your ideas and your feedback.

Thank you, Greenlee Tourism Board of Directors