GRAHAM and GREENLEE COUNTY: SalsaFest and Salsa Trail

Arizona’s Salsa Trail

The pinnacle of culinary tourism in both Graham and Greenlee Counties is probably the Salsa Trail (which is technically always open), and the SalsaFest held every September. Tourists and locals alike can travel the Salsa Trail to participating local restaurants, all rooted in Mexican culture, and delight in the region’s Mexican specialties. This culinary driven trail takes you on US 191, US 70, AZ 75 and I-10. Tantalize your taste buds with Southwestern Traditional Cooking and the best Salsa restaurants along the trail. The Gila Valley’s SalsaFest, sponsored by the Lion’s Club of Safford as a fundraiser for local college scholarships, features a Salsa Competition, a beer garden, cultural activities, and lots of HOT SALSA for everyone to taste!