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Raspberry Trail #35  Numerous Songbirds, Wild Turkeys
& Big Game Animals

Connecting trails include McBride Mesa Trail #26. Travels to the Blue River within the Blue Range Primitive Area (Mountain bikes and motorized vehicles are not permitted). Located on the east side of Strayhorse Campground. Highline Trail #47 Pleasant Hike/Bike/Ride Trail This trail ends at the junction of the Rim Trail #309 and accesses the following trails: Crabtree Trail #22, Salt House Trail #18, Chitty Creek Trail #37, McBride Mesa Trail #26, Squirrel Canyon Trail #34, Warren Canyon Trail #48, and Dry Prong Trail #45. Located on the west side of US 191 at the north end of Strayhorse Campground. Crabtree Trail #22 Popular for Wildlife near Walnut Tank From Strayhorse Campground, hike/bike/ride trail #47 to connect near Crabtree Park with #22
traveling southbound alongside Crabtree Creek and many springs.

KP Cienega Road (FR 55)East off the Coronado Trail (US 191) just south of MP 227
KP Cienega Campground is a wonderful, centrally-located campground with an array of amenities and outdoor adventure possibilities. The nearby rim trails offer panoramic views of the entire Eagle Creek recreation area below the rim of the Colorado Plateau. Bear Wallow wilderness trails allow hikers and horseback riders to camp, fish for native Apache trout or enjoy the many wildlife viewing opportunities of this wilderness riparian area. Take a “gone fishing” day trip to Aker Lake or one of the many creeks in the area -- all abundant with trout and many other angler’s preferred choices. Campground amenities include picnic tables, fire rings with cooking grills and restroom facilities. Free tent/trailer camping or picnicking is available at this location. Turn east off the Coronado Trail (US 191) and continue onto the access road to the campground.

KP Trail #70Alpine Meadow into Scenic Canyon to Panoramic Views of Blue Range PA
From the Coronado Trail (US 191) take the KP Cienega Campground Road (FR 55) and follow 1.3 miles to trailhead.

Connects to other Blue Range PA trails of:
North Fork KP Trail #93Two Waterfalls are Directly Downstream
Blue Lookout Trail #71Unsurpassed Panoramas, ouch of Wild “Hideout” History & Access into Large Canyons
McKittrick Trail #72Base of Blue Mountain Peak and its Look Out Tower, Views of Sawed Off Mountain
Steeple Mesa Trail #73Grassy Meadows Called Cienegas Offer this Trail its Highlight
Combined trails of #70, strenuous but manageable day hikes. A Steeple Creek/KP hike in one day would be long for most hikers at 17.2 miles.

Reno (FR 25) and Black River (Jct. FR 24)
Bear Wallow
Wilderness Area

West off US 191 in between MP 226 & 227
Bear Wallow Trailhead (#63)
Anglers Frequent the Area – Bear and Human Alike
Neither hide nor hair of either of these types of anglers will be seen often, if so they are usually only seen from a distance. Native Apache trout were re-established in Bear Wallow Creek in the early to mid 1990’s. This trail follows the Bear Wallow Creek riparian area, dropping to the creek’s meadow confluence with the Black River. Fence line marks San Carlos Apache Reservation boundary. Permit required to continue onto the reservation. Trailhead on Reno Road (FR 25), across from Double Cienega. Trailhead parking area are located on the south side of FR 25.
This Forest Road junctions with the following trails:

Strayhorse Recreation Area

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Rim Trailhead (FR 54 - End)

Aker's for


Featured Trail


Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
Arrow Tree located on a down-slope from the road. The
challenge of hitting this tree with an arrow seems to have begun in the 1980’s by local hunters -- a popular sport in the White Mountains of Arizona. Since the 1920’s local hunters have boasted of hunting bear, lion and wolf in addition to deer and elk. Located on US 191 at MP 223.

Blue Vista Overlook Picnic Site (FR 578) loops into this rest area and its three-point view. Meet fellow Coronado Trail explorers from all over the globe at this not to be missed stop along the Trail. Located south of US 191 at MP 224.

Blue Lookout Road (FR 184)
Southeast off of US 191 just after MP 225
Blue LO Trails #18 Trailhead (FR 184) is a trail system that brings travelers to the Blue Peak Lookout Tower and provides access to one of the Blue Range’s better known
wild west landmarks. Utilizing these three trails makes a wonderful day hike loop that can be enjoyed spring through fall by hikers and horseback riders alike. Blue Peak is also Greenlee County’s Highpoint with a peak height of 9,355 feet.

Blue Lookout Trail #71, McKittrick Trail #72 and Blue Cabin Ruins Trail #321 passes the remains of an early 1900’s renegade bank robber’s cabin hideout located in the Blue Range PA. During 1921 McNary Bank was robbed and the alleged bank robber fled using this cabin as a hideout. The man was apprehended at the cabin by the sheriff’s posse and shot during the gunfight. The Blue Cabin housed the forest rangers who manned the Blue Peak Lookout Tower. Forest Road 184 is located on the east side of the highway across from the Blue LO Trails #18 signage. Traveling northbound on US 191, head east at FR 184 junction just past MP 225 and the Blue Vista Overlook Picnic Site. Trailhead and parking at the end after a 6.5 mile trip east on FR 184.

Strayhorse Campground and Trailhead is a fee-free campground with sites on both sides of the highway. Offering small shelter for a horse, motorcycle, bicycles, etc. amongst large ponderosa pine and Gambel oak for shaded picnicking and camping. Ample parking for trailers and public horse corrals with location just six miles below the Mogollon Rim, the activity possibilities are endless.
Restroom facilities, horse corral, picnic tables, prepared
fire rings and standing grills. Located northbound on the
Coronado Trail (US 191) just past MP 220 with a Forest Service Administration Site on FR 589 on west side of the highway.

Chitty Trail #37 leads trekkers to Chitty Falls  just south of its junction with trail #47 and ends at bubbling spring. The perennial waters of the creek ensure views of many birds and wildlife making this one cool trail located within Chitty Creek Canyon. Hike or
horseback ride during spring through fall and experience the bright seasonal color changes. Accessed by traveling other backcountry trails such as Salthouse Trail #18 (south end) and Highline Trail #47 (north end). Chitty Trail is 5.2 miles long and is rated difficult.

West off Coronado Trail (US 191) at MP 220

Reno Trail #62Popular Stream Side Trail with Native Trout Fishing

Connecting trails of Bear Wallow Trail #63, Gobbler Point Trail #59, Rose Spring Trail #309, Schell Canyon Trail #316. For loop hike in conjunction with trail #63 take the footpath trail, not the old logging road, to the south for less then 2 miles to junction with Bear Wallow Trail #63 on the canyon floor. Reno Trailhead is located westbound on FR 25 across from Reno Lookout road. Northbound on US 191 turn west on Reno Road (FR 25). Follow FR 25 approximately 5 miles to the trailhead.

Gobbler Point Trail #59Steepest Trail – Shortest Route for Apache Trout Fishing Connecting to Bear Wallow Trail #63. Coronado Trail (US 191) brings you to FR 25, head west to Gobbler Point Road (FR 8154) on the south side of the road. Keep left at the fork and right at the second fork. Drive 3 miles to the trailhead.

The Bear

Rim Trails Road (FR 54D)
Northeast TrailheadWest off the Coronado Trail (US 191) at MP 226
McBride Mesa Trail #26  Ridge to Dry Prong Canyon
Take Highway 191 north of Clifton for 68 miles to Forest Road 54. From Alpine, take Highway 191 south 29 miles to Forest Road 54. Take FR 54 west 5 miles to the signed junction with FR 54D and drive 1/4 mile to the trailhead. Follow FR 54D until Trail #34 leaves the road.

Upper Squirrel Trailhead and Squirrel Trail #34
Saunders Cabin & North Baldy Bill Point
Part of the Rim Trails Forest Road 54. Take FR 54 west 5 miles to the signed junction with FR 54D and drive 1/4 mile south to the trailhead.

South Bear Wallow
Wilderness Area
West off the Coronado Trail (US 191) at MP 226
Rose Spring Trail #309 Rim Trail Panoramic Views Overlooking Eagle Creek, Rose Peak and Maple Mountain

Schell Canyon Trail #316Rugged Canyon, Native
Trout Fishing and Picturesque Campsites

Heading west on FR 54 at fork in the road. Proceed through the gate along the right fork about 0.6 mile to the end of the road at the Rose Springs Trailhead. Rose Spring Trail begins 20 yards below the parking area at a signed gate in the fence. Follow this trail about 3 miles to the junction marked by a sign where
Schell Canyon Trail branches off to the north. Schell Canyon Trail is also accessible from Bear Wallow Trail at the bottom of Bear Wallow Canyon. Campers along that stream use the trail for a scenic day hike to the Mogollon Rim and back.

Aker Lake Loop Road (FR 8312)
West off the US 191, in between MP 228 & 229
Aker Lake Fishing Site is one of many quiet,
out-of-the-way getaways, found in Greenlee County and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. This lake is ideal for fly and lure anglers to catch and release trout and grayling. Primitive camping, hiking and a beautiful drive through the Alpine meadow and
evergreen forest lands of this area can be enjoyed by all. Elk and other wildlife are abundant in the area.
Take the northern entrance of this forest loop road
for the shortest route to the lake. Aker Lake is located
on west side of FR 8312.