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So, plan your route, set the date, and get out here to Greenlee County and see all that you have been missing!! 

Greenlee County

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Whether you start your trip in the Southern portion of Greenlee County in Duncan, AZ or decide to venture through Greenlee County starting in the Northern point in the Blue Recreation Area, you are always sure that you will find something that will catch your eye and keep you wanting more and more!!

There’s nothing quite like going somewhere with beautiful scenery, views you can't get anywhere in a city and adventures that are filled with endless opportunities. Greenlee County is the place that will have you coming back for more and more. There is so much more to do here that doesn't have to do with being glued to your cell phone or stuck in your couch flipping through boring channels. If you are ready to head our way, then we are ready to show you exactly what you have been missing!! We have tons of events, adventures and places to explore that we know that you are sure to enjoy and never have a dull moment!!