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Morenci Mine is one of the largest open-pit copper mining operations in North America today, now operated by Freeport-McMoRan. The first mining district in the area known as Metcalf was established in 1872 as an underground mine. In 1937 the open-pit began and took five years to develop. Two years later, rail cars were used to move the ore to the concentrators on conveyor belts. Under the operation of Phelps-Dodge Morenci, Inc., the Morenci mine became the largest copper producer in the United States.

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Morenci Community Center

Stargo  was a “company housing community” nestled along the hillside and included its own general store in its time. As mining areas grew, the store and homes have been moved to make way for the ever-expanding open-pit mine. You can still see the remains of the retaining walls of the buildings, scattered along many hill and cliff sides, all over the area of Clifton-Morenci Mining District of today. (US 191, MP 171)

Historic Pioneer Cemetery -- Morenci/Stargo adorns the steep hillside across the road from the Freeport-McMoRan Mine’s haul truck yard on The Coronado Trail (US 191, MP 172). Cemetery headstone dates range from the 1880’s to the 1930’s. During the late 1800’s there were no known physicians in the area to write up the cause of death
certificates and burial plot information. Historical writings speak of the wild west’s generalization of “melting-pots” of ethnic backgrounds of mining camps and the effect of segregation. Determined mostly to be the resting grounds of the early Mexican settlers, it has been said to be that of a few Chinese immigrant’s resting place as well. Visiting one of the longest standing reminders of our past, and its historical tales of trail and tribulation of the earliest settlers’ living situations, one can only gain a greater appreciation of western civilization as we know it today. Rattlesnakes love the area and are prevalent in warmer weather. On a more cheerful note, the area is a favorite congregating spot for one local herd of Rocky Mountain
bighorn sheep.

Morenci Mine Overlook is located about three miles above the town of Morenci on The Coronado Trail (US 191, MP 174). The overlook offers spectacular views of the ever-changing Freeport-McMoRan’s Morenci Mine. A haul truck tire is displayed showing the true size of the heavy equipment -- which from this viewpoint appear toy-like as they move about the mine.

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Morenci Community Center hosts more than educational classes and seminars. Complete with many all-inclusive features:

Gym & Fitness Center  State-of-the-art Facilities

Indoor Waterpark  Splashing Good Time for All
Kids Care Facility 
Free Activities while you Workout
Rock-Climbing Wall
  Pillar of Challenges
Morenci Plaza, 438 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-6598

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Morenci Lanes  
Bowling Lanes, Restaurant & Bar
51 Burro Alley, Morenci (928) 865-4343
Golden City  
Chinese Restaurant
106 Plaza Loop, Morenci (928) 865-5941
The Copper Canyon Cafe  
Restaurant & Bar
106 Plaza Loop, Morenci (928) 865-3800

Stylist Rock Salon  
Full Service Salon, Tanning & Nails
106 Plaza Loop, Morenci (928)-865-3691
R & R Pizza Express  
Pizza & Lunch Buffet
106 Plaza Loop, Morenci (928) 865-2200
Ace Hardware  
Hardware & Retail Supplies Store
172 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-4121
Supermarket, Deli, Florist & Gift Shop
172 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-1820
Morenci Club  
Event Venue Location Site
438 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-6598
Morenci Public Library
346 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-7042
Morenci Theatre -
  Hollis Cinemas Movie Theater
438 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-4666
Starbucks Coffee Company  
Seattle-Based Coffeehouse
438 Plaza Drive, Morenci (928) 865-6598

Morenci Motel, Single Jack Restaurant & Bar
All-inclusive Community Center Passes with Stay
261 Burro Alley, Morenci (928) 865-4111

Michelle’s Bar & Grill  American Restaurant
4500 US 191, Morenci (928) 965-1110

Morenci Mine