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Beaverhead (FR 26) and Black River (Jct. FR 24)

The groomed ski trails at Hannagan Meadow are narrower and generally more challenging than those at Williams Valley. However, all levels of skiers are likely to find suitable skiing from the 14 kilometers of trails. For those in search of solitude, the back-country trails leading into upper elevations of Blue Range Primitive Area provide some of the best remote skiing in the southwest. Skiers who possess advanced skiing abilities and snow camping experience should find this area very rewarding.
It is recommended that skiers in this area obtain the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ visitor map from any Forest Service office. Please note that US 191 south of Alpine may not be plowed on evenings, weekends, holidays or during snowstorms. Trail grooming is likely to be delayed following winter storms.

KP Rim Trail #315   Short Connecting Trail with Views of KP Canyon
Trailhead is located east of Coronado Trail (US 191),
in between MP 229 & 230.

Steeple/Foote Creek Road (FR 29A) Trailhead
East off Coronado Trail (US 191) at MP 231

Steeple Mesa Trail #73 and Foote Creek Trail #76 Trailhead
Access to a large number of (direct or indirect) trails covering the
northwestern portion of the Blue Range Primitive Area.
Off US 191 head east on FR 29A to the Steeple/Foote Creek Trailhead with restroom facilities and parking available.

Steeple Mesa Trail #73   Grassy Meadows Called Cienegas Offer this Trail its Highlight
Connecting trails of:

Upper Grant Trail #65   Upland Trail with Picture Perfect Wildflower Dotted Meadows & Tall Trees

Long Cienega Trail #305   Blue Country Uplands with Many Species of Wildlife to View
KP Rim Trail #315 Short Connecting Trail with Views of KP Canyon
Paradise Trail #74Varied Forest Landscape & Moonshine Park
KP Trail #70Alpine Meadow into Scenic Canyonto Panoramic Views of Blue Range PA
Alternative trailhead by way of Blue River Road (FR 281), from Blue Crossing Campground travel 30 miles south to the Lower Steeple Trailhead on FR 281.
Foote Creek Trail #76Follows Most Prominent Side
Drainages of the Blue River &
P-Bar Lake

Connecting trails of:
Grant Creek Trail #75 Best of the Blue Country
From Lush Alpine Forests to Deep Red Rock Canyons

Horse Ridge Trail #38Castle Rock & Bell Rock – Impressive
Rock Formations Amongst Panoramic Views

Tutt Creek Trail #105 Desert Wildflowers Best in Spring & Home
to a Herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep

Trails end at alternative Blue River Road-Blue Camp Trailhead. Additionally connections through other trails provide links to other areas and trailheads, including P-Bar Lake, North Fork KP Rim, KP Cienega, and Blue Peak.

Back on the Coronado Trail
#93 & #315 North Fork/KP Rim Trails Trailhead offers secondary access to other trails within the Blue Range Primitive Area. These hiking
and horseback riding trails boast cooler temperatures due to the confluence of the south and north forks of KP Creek. No mechanized vehicles (including mountain bikes) are permitted in the Blue Range Primitive Area. This trailhead site offers restroom facilities and parking.

Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
Hannagan Campground at 9,100 feet is one of the highest campgrounds in Arizona. High country tree species such as spruce, fir and aspen shade campsites. Access to an excellent network of hike/bike/ride trails is available throughout this high forest. Nearby access trails bring travelers to the Blue Range Primitive Area for even more backcountry to explore by way of hiking or horseback riding. Close proximity to the designated primitive wilderness areas and backcountry roads boasts an array of opportunities for even more scenic drives and wildlife viewing. These many means of traveling through the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests all allow visitors to be astonished by the drastic
landscape change from Alpine forest to high desert and the versatile vegetation in between. Not to mention the opportunity to partake in year-round outdoor sport and adventure activities including wintertime’s snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding fun. When they say it’s cool up here -- they’re not just talking about the weather!
This fee-free campground offers prepared campsites for tent/trailer camping with picnic tables, fire rings, restroom facilities and drinking water (May - September) are available.  Though many areas of the forest can be enjoyed year-round, this campsite is best visited June through September. Campsites accessible to 16 foot or smaller trailers and RV’s, though no hookups are available at this site. Hannagan Campground is located on the west side of the Coronado Trail (US 191).

North Fork KP Trail #93 follows an old logging road for the first 0.7 miles and switchbacks down to travel creek side. Contouring around a tributary coming in from the north shortly then joins with KP Trail #70 and the confluence of the north fork and south fork of KP Creek. Marked by steep, rocky outcrops and a couple of ten foot waterfalls, it becomes clear why this is one of the most scenic areas in the Blue Range Primitive Area. Diverse vegetation and accessible moisture in this canyon attract a variety of colorful songbirds. Remember to pack a picnic lunch along with your camera and bird book, though this
trail is only 2.4 mile short trip, you’ll want to spend some time here.

Featured Winter Trails

Something to peak everyone’s interest  and sense of adventure or just a relaxing atmosphere of rugged, untamed lands to
enjoy and be free from the binding chains of technology. An amazing vacation destination gem comes complete with historic lodge, rustic campgrounds, quiet cabin rentals, access to the Blue Range Primitive Area, breathtaking views from the edge of the Mogollon Rim, hunting, fishing, and winter trails. This high forest, backcountry jewel in the wild is truly a four-season sporting paradise for a wide range of outdoor pursuits..

Time to Hit the Trail!!

Black River Mainstream Trail #61Follow Black River from Bear Creek Trail #66 to Buffalo Crossing Campground
Reputed to be one of the most scenic streams in the southwest, this trail is popular for rainbow and brown trout fishing. Hiking, horseback riding and an easy fisherman’s trail are all available. Utilizing Bear Creek Trail #66 as a center point, travelers can connect to Fish Bench/Fish Creek Trails for southwestern expedition or head northwest along the Black River to reach Buffalo Crossing Campground area (currently closed to campers, please check Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest’s website for up-to-date information). Greenlee County boundary line is the Black River in this area. Connecting trails of Fish Bench Trail #320, Fish Creek Trail #60 and Bear Creek Trail #66. Travelers continuing east past the Black River into Apache Reservation must purchase a permit. Please respect their boundaries and law. Coronado Trail (US 191) to FR 26 about 9.5 miles to FR 24. Head southwest on FR 24 1.5 miles to Bear Creek Trail #66 trailhead located on the north side of road

Fish Bench Trail #320 and Fish Creek Trail #60 5.5 Mile Hike to Confluence of Fish Creek and Black River – Home to
the Apache Trout From the Coronado Trail (US 191) take FR 26 9.5 miles to FR 24. Turn right and follow FR 24 to FR 83. Turn right and follow FR 83 for 3 miles to FR 83A, which turns right in about 1.4 miles to a lesser dirt road that forks left. Follow this road about 0.5 miles past the old corral to the #320 trailhead, or proceed 0.6 miles farther to Fish Creek Trail #60.

Via FR 24 to Jct. FR 565

Hannagan Meadow Lodge  Quiet, Serene & Peaceful
23150 US 191 Alpine (Hannagan Meadow)
(928) 339-4370

Josh Ranch Lodge & Resort Luxurious Great Outdoors
US 191, Alpine (No. Hannagan Meadow)
(928) 587-3799

Horse Ridge Trail #38 Castle Rock & Bell Rock – Impressive
Rock Formations Amongst Panoramic Views

Hike or horseback ride along this ridge trail to enjoy the marvels of
rock formations of Castle Rock and Bell Rock. Moderately difficult
5 mile trail leads its travelers into the Blue Range Primitive Area
and connects with Foote Creek Trail #76. Best traveled during May
through October. Trailhead is reached by heading east on FR 8282
off the Coronado Trail (US 191), just after Josh Ranch on the west
side of the highway. Alternate trailhead is located at the Steeple/
Foote Creek Trailhead. Obtain access to the lower portion of Horse
Ridge Trail #38 from FR 281. Elevation range of 8,100 to 6,400 feet.

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Sprucedale Guest Ranch  Relax & Rejuvenate
Wiltbank Road, Sprucedale Ranch

(928) 333-4984

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