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Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
Spur Cross Trail #8   Rock Formations & Old Homestead
This trail is located above Granville on the east-side of Coronado Trail (US 191) after MP 179.

Summer Cabin Community of Granville, located behind the campground, sprang up on the Coronado Trail and was a source of timber for the mines to the south. Privately owned cabins speak of another era when miners sent their families north during warm weather. Granville is now a popular place for Greenlee County and other desert tundra residents to enjoy summer cabin living within its cool canyon location.

Big Tree Trail #314 Here is an opportunity to see one of the largest Arizona cypress trees in North America. It is 97 feet high with a circumference of 18 inches, a crown spread of 41 feet -- gaining a
listing on the National Register of Big Trees. Over 400 years old,
this tree is best viewed March through December. Trailhead is located on the west side of highway across from Sardine Saddle Picnic Area


Pigeon Loop Trailhead #301  Connection to Sardine Saddle, HL Saddle and Pigeon Creek
Trailhead located in the north side of Granville

Sardine Saddle Picnic Area and Trailhead Parking is a wonderful site for use as a rest stop or picnic area. Also a parking lot for area trails and overnight camping is permitted. Located on east side of Coronado Trail (US 191), MP 181.

Granville Campground Located within the Granville Recreation area is the first developed camping and rest area, heading northbound on the Coronado Trail Scenic Highway (US 191), travelers will encounter.


Granville Recreation Area

Granville Road (FR 506)

Pinal Trail #713, Fry Trail #2, Cave Creek Trail #10, Sardine Falls Trail #304  Creeks, Springs and Sardine Falls
Trailhead located in the north side of Granville after cabins. Southbound on #713 and #12, eastbound on #10 and #304. Travel around an area of private property at X A Spring at the end of #10 to reconnect with creek and continue on #304 to Sardine Falls.

Featured Trail

Granville Recreation Area is known for its beautiful scenery of spring flowers, summer shade tree canopies and amazing scenic views of the changing colors of fall. With a centrally located campground and surrounding trail system this recreation area conveniently becomes a long stay adventurer’s base camp. Trails of this area offer connection to Sardine Saddle and HL Saddle and many trail way attractions. Trailer parking and public corrals are is available within the campground, located at the north-end. RV hook-ups are not available and visitors should be
prepared with plenty of water

Recreation Area

East off the Coronado Trail (US 191) near MP 178

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