Red Mountain Trail #25Summertime Ladybugs and Red Mountain

Junction with trail #32 and trail ends 7 miles to the 8,000 feet peak of Red Mountain. Trailhead is located about a mile south of the picnic area.

Juan Miller Road

(FR 475)
East off the Coronado

Trail (US 191), MP 188.8

Upper Juan Miller

Picnic Area and

Campground provides

its visitors with water-play

and wildlife viewing at this fee-free site offering picnic tables and restroom facilities. Camping can be enjoyed January through December, unless the access road is closed by snow, but it is not suitable for trailer or RV travel to enter this campground.

Less then 2 miles on FR 475 to Southbound FR 475A

Lower Juan Miller Campground is shaded by large Gambel oak and sycamore trees like the Upper Juan Miller site, though this lower site is less visited. With the exception of historical remnants viewable to the north of this campground. Camping, horse or toy hauling trailers can be brought to the site easily. Picnic table and grill amenities are available in each site, and the campground has restroom facilities. Enjoyed year-round, unless access road is closed by snow.
Less then 2.25 miles on FR 475 to Southbound FR 475B.

Vistas & Landscape

Eagle Creek Road (FR 217)

Ranch to Horse Canyon Trail #36  Horse Canyon Cabin, Maple Peak and Charlie Moore Mountain.
Trailhead located on the Blue River about 3 miles upstream from XXX Ranch heading eastbound to Horse Canyon. 15 miles on FR 475 to Northbound FR 475C
Hannah Hot Springsis a hiking only trail, with few directional signs, that stays within the Blue River corridor. The southern portion of this trail, with its frequent river crossings, brings you first to Baseline Coral (camping is not recommended due to “widow-makers” from surrounding cottonwood trees). The mouth of Little Blue Creek is about one-mile upstream of the corral on the east side of
the river. Following the Little Blue Creek (Trail #541) from its river connection brings travelers to Hannah Springs Canyon (approximately 2.5 - 3 miles up Little Blue on the east side of the canyon). During the next mile be prepared to wade through waist deep and smaller pools of water to reach Hannah Hot Springs. This area offers two campsites, one on each side of the creek. Hot springs from the ground above delivers 133°F water into a long, shallow pool below. Little Blue Box and White Rocks Cabin are further North from the Hot Springs for additional sightseeing.

Wild Bunch Trail #7 Wild Bunch Corrals, Morris Day Gap & Snare Canyon
Junctions with Horse Canyon Trail #36. Head to trailhead by continuing on Juan Miller Road (FR 475) (past FR 475C) to the Blue River. Adventures may choose to park here and continue by way of hiking, biking, horseback riding, or OHV/4WD vehicles are recommended otherwise.

West off the Coronado Trail (US 191) at MP 188

Village of Eagle  a community in Upper Eagle Creek Valley, was the chosen site of homesteaders in the mid-1800s. This remote but accessible village welcomes its visitors to enjoy the country lifestyle visually depicted by Eagle Creek’s many ranches along its banks. Upper Eagle Creek Valley was the inspiration for many of the paintings of western artist Tim Cox. Pictures and words alone cannot describe the beauty of this recreation area. A large variety of wildlife inhabit the area and hunting, camping,
hiking and horseback trail riding are a few of the many outdoor activities to enjoy. 15 miles on FR 217.

Eagle Schoolhouse is a one-room historic building that graces sightseers with the feeling of being a part of “The Old West”. Members of the Greenlee County Cattle Growers Association insured the building of this, amongst many, early Greenlee County schoolhouse buildings. Northwest bound on Eagle Creek Road (FR 217) turn west bringing travelers to Eagle School Road (FR 217E).

Honeymoon Campground and Trailhead is located next to Eagle Creek. It is ideal during the months of May through September for camping, picnicking and wildlife viewing. Shaded by sycamore, cottonwood, pinon and juniper trees. Quiet seclusion -- just what the forest ranger and his new city bride were looking for. Restroom facilities are available, though no hookups -- this site is prepared for trailer parking. Picnic tables, at the fee-free campsites, and two standing grill sites are available. 22 miles on FR 217.

Robinson Mesa Trail #27With War Finance Trail #9 Easily Reach Saw Mill Cabin North of Honeymoon Campground heading east and continue on this trail to the northbound War Finance Trail #9 to reach the Saw Mill Cabin setting aside East Eagle Creek, located just west of the trail’s end

Breathtaking Mountain

Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
Sheep Saddle Picnic Site also known as Engineer Springs area,

the location of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) construction camp

which housed the men who built the first 33 miles of the Coronado Trail.

In 1929 Sheep Saddle was the site of a proposed sawmill. This picnic site

and rest stop is a loop pull-off and includes trailhead parking and

restroom facilities.

Sheep Saddle Picnic Site and Trailhead to Trail #16 westward

hike to Hot Air Trail #15.Located on the east side of US 191 at

MP 211.

Hiking Trail #16 TrailheadConnecting Trail Used by Hunters
Connecting trails of Hot Air Trail #15 and Hot Air Spur Trail #91.

Trailhead located on the west side of the Coronado Trail (US 191).

Hagen Corral Trail #31Wonderful Riding Trail to MJ Bar Corral

at Strayhorse Canyon

Trailhead is located south of the Hagen RV Pullout on US 191.

Hagen RV Pullout (FR 8329) This RV campground offers public

corrals, picnic tables, grills and restroom facilities. Located in between

MP 215 and 216 on the west side of Coronado Trail (US 191).

Reservoir/pond Loop Road (Docent) FR 8497 Primitive campground located northeast of Rattlesnake Lake. Located west off of US 191 at MP 217.

Lengthy Trail #89 Strayhorse Creek & Blue Range Primitive Area
Connects with Strayhorse Canyon Trail #20. Heads eastbound off the highway and its trailhead parking located just north at FR 587 turnoff on the west side of US 191.

Eagle Creek Recreation Area

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Red Mtn. Fire International Look Out gives you an eastern view into the Blue Range Primitive Area. More information is found on the nearby fire information boards. Located on US 191 at MP 201.

Rose Peak LO Road (FR 501)
Southeast off of US 191 in between MP 207 & 208
Rose Peak Lookout Tower, Rose Peak Picnic Area and Trailhead has long served the Forest Service to spot and monitor fires at an elevation of 8,700 feet. If manned during the fire season, visitors may be invited to a glass-enclosed tower room for a stunning view of the mountains.

Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
AD Bar Trail #14Historical Ranch Site, VT Cabin, HU Bar Cabin and Blue River
Limited trailhead parking for horse trailers on the west side of the highway. Trailhead, including trail-corral, is located on the east side of US 191 around MP 203

Strayhorse Canyon Trail #20Popular Route to Blue Range PA & River, Fillman Cabin

Junction with Hagen Trail #31, Lengthy Trail #89 to end of trail at Blue River #101. Trailhead is located about a mile north of the picnic area

Village of Eagle

Hot Air Trail #15Hike Along the Ridge of Hot Air Mesa
Connects to trails #27, #16, #91 to terminus at #33. Trail heads north along the highway then a northwest direction. Trailhead is located east across the US 191 from Rose Peak Picnic Area.

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