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Please help everyone preserve our public lands and practice such etiquette as pack-it-in/pack-it-out. Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest lands are used for agricultural purposes, as well as, recreational public lands; please leave ranchers gates as you found them, if a gate is open leave it open and if closed leave it closed. Greenlee County is home to many caves and abandoned mining facilities, please do not enter any and be aware of unmarked mine shafts and venting systems at ground level. Carry plenty of water and treat any water you find before drinking from any of our abundant waterways. BE SURE TO BE IN TOUCH WITH THE APPROPRIATE U. S. FOREST SERVICE DISTRICT OFFICE BEFORE HIKING THESE TRAILS. Information Centers: Clifton Ranger District (928) 687-8600, Alpine Ranger District (928) 339-5000. Visit for up-to-date information regarding Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests abundant recreational attractions.

On the Coronado Trail

Cherry Lodge Picnic Site The lodge was in operation beginning in 1929 and is so named because of the wild cherry trees growing nearby. Popular for Sunday dinners in the 1940’s this lodge was victim to a devastating fire some years after. Today this site offers a wonderful stopping point to stretch or picnic while traveling the Coronado Trail. Located on the west side of US 191 near MP 178.

Back on the Coronado Trail (US 191)
Chase Creek Overlook is an amazing viewpoint of the quick
change from mined mountainsides to high desert vistas to tree-lined mountain ranges lined with edges of rock formations, all while traveling on the (Coronado Trail) Scenic US 191. Chase Creek, which flows periodically, enters the San Francisco River to the east and has been piped through the Morenci Mine to the west. Located on US
191 at MP 176.5 for a southwestern viewpoint of the canyon.

Painted Bluff Trail #13 Head west toward the lower portion of Eagle
Creek to view such attractions as ancient petroglyphs located on
Painted Bluffs and abandoned mines and springs throughout the
journey. Rockhounding opportunities for minerals such as pyrite
can also be explored along the Coronado Mountain Ridge. Enjoy
hiking, biking, or horseback riding along this trail. Trailhead located on the west side of the Coronado Trail (US 191), MP 177.

“The Mountain Paradise of Arizona”,
Greenlee County is a remarkable vacation land awaiting
“exploration”. The Coronado Trail itself is one of
the world’s foremost scenic highways. Traveling its full route
through Greenlee County can be accomplished with less then a 100 mile
“journey”. Encompassing most of the County, this Apache-Sitgreaves
National Forest
“expedition” begins with the Coronado Trail
and the southern towns extending along the rugged regions of the
magnificent Mogollon Rim, Blue Range Primitive Area and Bear Wallow
in the White Mountains of Arizona. Scenic landscapes range from high desert
areas to Alpine-like vistas with a highpoint of 9,355 feet at Blue Peak.
Rivers, trout streams, ponds and an amazing shifting of vegetation provide a
great variety of year round recreational activities. Truly a
“paradise” with views unmatched anywhere!

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