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Bighorn Sheep grace the cliffs, hills and mountains of Clifton-Morenci, courtesy of the Arizona Fish and Game Department. The
wild sheep are expanding into the surrounding habitat, naturally wandering throughout Greenlee County’s areas. Effortlessly scaling
the seemingly impossible sheer cliffs in search of feed along the roads, the sheep make great photo opportunities, often without leaving your vehicle. Keep your eyes open, as they blend in on a cliff nearby, they appear as if out of nowhere and are fond of overseeing local outdoor events.

Park Avenue Fun

Riverside Park is a wonderful area to catch a glimpse of the ever-present bighorn sheep. This park boasts amenities such as picnic sites, standing grills and shade ramadas. This is a great rest stop along your adventures of the San Francisco River with its convenient restroom facilities and play ground for kids to stretch their legs. Located on Frisco Avenue, it is accessible to the North Clifton RV Park for overnight camping.

East Clifton

Arches on Chase Creek stand alone and often puzzle visitors. They are the remnants of the Lyric Theater, destroyed by fire in the 1960’s. In its day the Lyric offered entertainment to the gentle population and the rough miners who also visited the 24 hour saloons, gambling halls, and houses of ill repute. This is one of several architecture astonishments of the Chase Creek Historic District and a must-see during your walking tour of this street.

Featured Trail

Featured Trails

Frisco Avenue

Splashing Good Time

Sites to

Court House Area  Greenlee County Seat is a blend of gracious historical homes and modern residences with the meandering San Francisco River. For more information on Greenlee County please visit


Clifton Splash Pad is a new, fun outdoor experience for the whole family. Open from May to September, the splash pad contains numerous colorful water features guaranteed to get you wet. For those who like to stay dry there are plenty of tables and seating areas under colorful shade sails to help keep you cool. Hours are 10am to 7pm during the season. Free admission. Park Avenue in Clifton.

National Scenic Byway

Ward Canyon

and Beyond

Chase Creek Historical District

and its encompassing buildings were

constructed along the narrow and

twisting Chase Creek, giving the street

its name in the late 1800’s. Gold fever

ran rabid along the mountains, hills and cliffs surrounding the area, and Clifton grew to become the mining district’s main hub. Growing rapidly, Clifton and its Chase Creek Street quickly earned an unsavory reputation as one of the wildest camps in the West, second only to Tombstone. After the 1900’s fire destroyed many of the wooden buildings, all structures were built with brick, generally in neoclassical style. The buildings are considered some of the best examples of Territorial Period architecture in Arizona. Come explore the delightful shops springing up in the amazing buildings of Chase Creek Historical District and experience its everlasting charm.

Greenlee Historical Museum within Clifton’s Chase Creek Historical District, currently hosts exhibits under the direction of the Greenlee County Historical Society. The building itself, a
fine example of period architecture listed on the National Register, was built in 1913 by the Spezia Brothers and began it’s own history as a warehouse. Displaying a wealth of information about the history of Greenlee County, including Native American artifacts, Arizona Territory, and foremost the early mining days of the Clifton-Morenci Mining District. Admission is free to the public, and the building is handicapped-accessible. Located at 299 Chase Creek Street. Museum currently open from 2:00pm - 4:30pm on Thursday and 10:00am - 4:30pm on Saturday, or for a visit during other days/times call Joe (928) 215-0829 or Linda (928) 965-2463.

Historical Museum Gift Shop

299 Chase Creek Street, Clifton
(928) 865-2056

Ward Canyon Road allows travlers to enjoy a multitude of activities.  Be thrilled, while obeying posted road signs, by the curves heading up the canyon as the racers of the Clifton Hill Climb do. Hike to Mares Bluff, Mulligan Peak, or the many trails accessed around the estate communities of Loma Linda and Verde Lee. Start traveling Ward Canyon by exiting west off Coronado Boulevard (US 191), near MP 162. Road immediately U-turns to travel east under the US 191 overpass.

Verde Lee

Oroville and Evans Point Oroville is located 3 miles north of Clifton and was settled on the banks of the San Francisco River. Birthplace of legendary Freddie Fritz Jr. in 1895 who came a long way from days of living in Oroville. Working alongside his father on the XXX Ranch, Fritz was famous for serving as president of the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association, and for his 14 years in the Arizona Legislature. He was the only person to have served as Senate President and Speaker of the House. His father was one of the first ranchers to bring cattle to the Blue River country. Orville attracted attention with its benches of placers bearing gold in layers of thin pay streaks in channels at or near bedrock along the course of the river. The Bokares placer, four miles north of Clifton at Evans Point was also actively mined. Today, though the many floods of the river have not left much to tell the history of Oroville and Evans Point, this area is a wonderful mecca for explorers to enjoy hiking, rockhounding and activities the bountiful river canyon lands provide. Oroville and
Evans Point can be accessed by way of traveling Frisco Avenue and crossing the river, continue by hiking north along its east bank on San Francisco River Road.

Al Fernandez Veterans’ Park, named after Greenlee County’s late
official historian, mayor and leading citizen, Al Fernandez. This amazing tribute to honor our veterans is a wonderful addition to stroll through while touring Clifton. Located on Coronado Boulevard (US 191) after Rode Inn.

North Clifton

Historic Train Depot  Event Venue Location
100 N. Coronado Boulevard, Clifton
For more information & reservations call Clifton Town Hall (928) 865-4146
Thursday Train Depot 
Vendors & Farmer’s Market
100 N. Coronado Boulevard, Clifton
(928) 865-3313 From 9:30am - 2:30pm every Thursday.

Go Go Gas  Quick Fuel Stop
2 S. Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-4646
Scooter Brothers 
V-Twin Specialists
245 Riverside Drive, Clifton (480) 245-8023
Rode Inn Motel 
Clean Comfortable Stay
30 Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-4536

Circle-K  Fuel & Convenience Store Open 24 Hours
310 S. Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-3441
EL Corralito
  Pizza and Mexican-American Food
414 N Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-5291

Family Dollar 
Discount Store
355 N Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 439-4550


Granny’s Attic  Antiques & Collectibles
243 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (520) 865-2011
Chase Creek Marketplace 
Hand Crafted Gifts & Art
215 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (928) 865-1251
Studio Twenty-Two Six 
Quality Salon Services
226 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (928) 865-0226

Union Hall 
B&B and Event Venue Location Site
284 Chase Creek Street, Clifton
Clifton Social
  Club Bar & Lounge
310 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (928) 865-4444
AVintage Clifton 
Collectibles and More
291 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (928) 292-0070

The Chase Creek

Clifton’s Nature and Exercise Trails are a unique intertwined combination of light hiking trails. Sitting accommodations all along this featured trail allow a “notso-ready for a hike -- more a stroll” along the San Francisco River keeps any age birder at ease. This trailhead, located in front of the veterans park, features a kiosk filled with birding information guides for all of Greenlee County. Clifton’s unique setting in a canyon surrounding the year-round river provides prime habitat for a wide variety of birds, such as northern cardinals and red-tailed hawks to cliff wrens and great blue herons. Seeing a diversity of our feathered friends is better than ever with the beautiful and easy-to-access series of nature trails of Greenlee Birding. Check out the kiosk or visit website for maps, brochures and a list of what you can expect to see when you head out on the trails. When it comes to birding, Greenlee is the place to be.


Access to trail #84 with its junction to trail #311 can be reached by hiking northeast up Limestone Gulch after crossing the San Francisco River near the north end of Frisco Avenue. Alternate access can be reached in connection with FR 512A junction with FR 512 traveling northeast from the community of Loma Linda.

Pleasant Valley Trail #84

The Pleasant Valley Trail is rated a difficult fourteen mile trail beginning in the canyon of Limestone Gulch. During your first mile of exploration, on the right side, an old rock smelter ruin can be seen.
Hickey Springs Trail #311
This 10.9 mile trail is a difficult trail to
navigate from the San Francisco River to Hickey Springs and is of moderate difficulty from Hickey Springs to the Forest boundary.

Mulligan Peak is a scenic landscape to behold by way of Ward Canyon Road, and another well-known rockhound collection site of Greenlee County. Two chalcedony beds of purple agate are found around the peak, on the northeast and southwest sides. Mulligan Peak’s purple agates can be found by careful digging and are recognized by bands
of color ranging from lavender to deep purple and gray. These nodules can also be found with many specks of white

Daily Visitors

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Clifton Train Depot & Visitor Center is the best stop for information while exploring Clifton and the surrounding area. Located in the heart of Clifton in the historic train depot, friendly volunteers will provide you with a list of places to see, things to do and other valuable information so you can make the most of your visit. Southern Pacific Historic Train Depot was built in the 1910’s remains a hub for mining activity to this day. Several rail companies, such as Arizona & New Mexico Railway Station were in operation during the early mining days carrying passengers and ore to Duncan to be dispersed along the mainline railroad in Lordsburg, NM. Plan a visit to this beautifully restored historical site which is now the Arizona Office of Tourism site in Greenlee County.
Open Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 2:00pm.
100 N Coronado Boulevard, Clifton. For more information
call the visitor center (928) 865-3313.

Street Historical

Coronado Trail

Sidebotham Park is a lovely picnic area just off Coronado Boulevard (US 191) on Park Avenue in Clifton. Next door to the flood levee gate you will find a quiet mini-getaway to enjoy during your walking tour of Clifton. This is also a great stop to eat lunch and view the river or train during a day trip.

Arizona Copper Company Manager’s House is a beautiful two-story residence, the largest and the most stylistically
purest structure in Clifton.

Mares Bluff Veteran’s Memorial is home of “America’s Long Walk for Freedom” hiking trail which leads you to the top, overlook scenic South Clifton. This trail honors all US armed forces veterans who served at any time. Many veterans consider it a “place of healing”. The U.S. and Arizona flags fly along with flags from all military branches and a POW/MIA banner. Cables hold more
than 1,000 replica dog tags of those honored. The access trail involves a steep 300’ climb.
Those with health conditions should not attempt the climb. For more information call (928) 792-3253. Entrance to trailhead is
on Ward Canyon Road off of US 191 near MP 162.

North Clifton RV Park  Gem of the San Francisco River
380 Frisco Avenue Clifton (928) 865-9064

Blue Door Sanctuary  B&B and Event Venue Location
112 Park Avenue, Clifton (310) 720-4587

Loma Linda &

South Clifton

Mining Shovel Display and the Zorilla Street Bridge  is a heavy-duty mechanical shovel that was state-of-the-art decades ago. It was installed by volunteers from the Morenci mine in the 1990’s. The shovel is situated in east side of Clifton adjacent to the San Francisco River. Small by current standards, the shovel provides an
insight to copper mining, the County’s primary industry. The Zorilla Street Bridge in Clifton, Arizona, brings Park Avenue over the San Francisco River and was long the one link between the east and west sides of the town. It is a “through truss” bridge, built in 1918, and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It has also
been known as Clifton, Riley and Park Avenue Bridge.

Greenlee County Seat

(Coronado Boulevard, US 191)

Grand Entrance

Historic Copper Head Locomotive & Clifton Cliff Jail are both a sightseers and history buffs must-see during exploration of the Historical District of Clifton. The locomotive of the Coronado Railroad now sits next to the Clifton Cliff Jail on Coronado Boulevard (US 191). ThePorter steam locomotive was one of several used in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to haul ore from mines to smelters, running itscourse along the first track that followed beside Chase Creek. The locomotive was brought to Clifton in parts by wagon train and reassembled. Clifton Cliff Jail,the original town jail,

was blasted from solid rock, and built into the side of the cliff in

1881, is now part of the Clifton Historic District. It is the

most unique incarceration facility in the United States and

certainly in Arizona. Visitors can enter either of the two cells

to experience the conditions of justice of the old west.

to Clifton

Dollar General   Discount Store
540 Chase Creek Street, Clifton (928) 439-4000
Clifton Town Hall 
Town Parks Event Venue Reservations
Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-4146
Kempton Chevrolet 
Dealership Sales & Service Center
556 N Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-2350
Los Mendoza Taco Shop 
Mexican Restaurant
355 N Coronando Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-1010

Potter Ranch, a historic ranch house built in 1901, is now listed on the National Register of Historic Homes. The Spanish Mission revival style home, erected by Dell Potter, an early mining entrepreneur, remains in the care of the Potter family today. Located at 502 Potter Ranch Lane, alongside the San Francisco River, is accessed by exiting US 191 westbound.


Clifton Public Library
588 Turner Avenue, Clifton (928) 865-2461

Greenlee Printing  Books & Gifts
311 Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-4186
PJ’s Cafe 
American & Mexican Restaurant
307 Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-3328
Hotel Reardon 
Weekly and Monthly Rates
Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 322-1708
Napa Auto Parts 
Supplies and Accessories
Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-3333
Liquor Store 
Convenience Store
253 Coronado Boulevard (US 191), Clifton (928) 865-3688