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The Gila River Watershed in Greenlee Countyis rich with diverse wildlife habitats that are attractive to bird watchers. Field research in recent years by the Arizona Field Ornithologists conducted in the many rivers of Greenlee County have confirmed that there are significant bird populations county-wide in all seasons. Local birding enthusiasts have designated, marked, and developed ten accessible birding trails. Since Greenlee County’s weather is generally mild and enjoyable, birding is always “open”. You are welcome to contact any of the individuals listed below to obtain additional information or schedule an event or tour. With these easily accessible trails already mapped, it is easy to get started on your own, and locals are anxious to help with any questions or situations of which you have need. You are invited to discover this often overlooked, beautiful, wild portion of Arizona.

For more information visit or call:
Susan Snyder, Chase Creek Marketplace
(928) 865-1251,
Deborah Mendelsohn, Simpson Hotel
(928) 359-3590,
Steve Ahmann, Rainforest Plants
(928) 865-2085,
Dianne Vandell
(928) 792-9546,

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