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Explore the valley below the peak with a visit to the Ash Peak Mining District. Visit the old mines and find a wash full of geodes eroding out of the banks. Within a couple of minutes you can find hollow geodes full of crystals. Across the highway heading into Ash Peak Canyon you will find even more “Prospective” rockhounding sites to behold. Don’t forget your pick and bucket to help scratch that rockhounding itch. Visit Round Mountain BLM Rockhound Area next for more rockhounding in Greenlee County.

Grand Entrance


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Ash Peak itself is split in half and shared between Arizona’s Greenlee and Graham Counties. Ash Peak’s highest point brings you up to 5,585 feet in elevation. Once you arrive at the top of Ash Peak, enjoy  spectacular views to the south of Whitlock Valley -- to the east, Duncan and the towns surrounding valley -- well past the Arizona/New Mexico state line. Indian Rocks Area is a destination easily reached just east of Ash Peak and the county line on Hackberry Road. Head south off of historical Old West Highway (US 70) at MP 372. Greenlee County’s southwestern neighbor, Graham County’s Whitlock Cienega and Hot Well Dunes -- a desert sandrail playground and developed spa -- can also be reached by accessing Hackberry Road.



From commonly found lizards sunning themselves to the more rare sighting of a bobcat, many critters can be seen within the Ash Peak Recreation Area. Whitetail deer are known to frequent the area in large numbers, grazing amongst the prickly pear cactus and other beautiful desert vista vegetation.

Hike, Bike or Ride

One might find this peak hike to be a glorious challenge. Ash Peak 4WD Jeep Trail, located on the south side of the peak, ranges from 4,200 to 4,600 feet in elevation -- a faster way to the top of the peak. Ash Peak’s trailhead entrance is located just east of the peak on historic Old West Highway (US 70). Head south on the well traveled Hackberry Road, a dirt road accessed at MP 372.

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